Salty’s Training Log – 1.26.14

So. Yeah. That post I wrote on Friday, the one about using running to determine if you’re depressed? Totally spot on for me right now. I actually realized I was depressed because of running. I am so uncharacteristically unmotivated to run (or do much of anything) that I knew something was wrong. Since I made the realization, I’ve noticed when I do run I often struggle. I tried to do a tempo run on Thursday and 7:00 pace was brutal, when it’s normally, moderately hard at my current fitness level. 3 x 2 miles at 7:00 pace should be easy for me and I could barely get through the first two miles and only managed 2 x 1 mile after that. My face was beet red when I hit the locker room. Something is just off.

On Saturday I checked my heart rate and it was 170 at 7:30 pace. That’s just crazy. That’s my heart rate at the end of a tempo run usually. I also noticed that I feel like I have a lump in my throat and feel like I’m constantly on the verge of a side stitch. It’s just not fun. It’s better if I’m not on the treadmill and fixated on all of it, but I’m in the Midwest enjoying this freakishly cold and snowy winter – oh and have 3 kids – so the treadmill is about all I can get most days.

I made it out on Sunday for a trail run and had a much better day. It was nasty cold when I started and the snow was to the mid-shin on the trails, but it was gorgeous, the company was great and I got in a great workout!ย It was so cold that the snow was totally powder. It was really soft and fluffy. At times I just wanted to dive in and roll around in it, when I wasn’t sliding all over the place on it. (Mental note: invest in trail shoes if you’re going to continue to dabble in trail running.) I did end up laying in it for a second when I did a face plant (well more like hip plant, if we’re going for accuracy). I didn’t fall from sliding; my toe grabbed a snow covered root and sent me flying. The snow was so soft, I just kind of poofed on top of it no worse for the wear. It was a really fun run and I’m so glad I found the motivation to get out and do it. I discovered some new muscles on that trudge!

Cold. Tons of snow, but how gorgeous is this?! Photo by Doug Woznicki

Mon: The kids were off from school, so I promised them we’d do something we normally don’t have time to do. They chose the nature center at our local metro park where they all had a great time! Managed to run 7 during naptime around 8:15 pace.

Tue: Back to the Y. 8 miles around 8:10 pace.

Wed: Off for baby’s gym and swim class.

Thu: Tempo blow-up. I wanted to do 3 x 2 miles at 7:00 pace with 2:00 rest for a total of 9-10 miles, but I only managed 4 miles total of 7:00 pace and was tapped at 8. I ran 5k straight at 6:50 pace the week before, so this is really weird.

Fri: off. My girls were both really sick and couldn’t motivate myself to hit the mill during naptime.

Sat: Cried because it was a blizzard in the morning and the group long run I needed – SO NEEDED – wasn’t going to happen. My husband helped motivate me to get to the Y when the weather let up and I got in 8, although I felt uncomfortable, stiff, awkward and tense the entiere time. 8 miles averaging around 8:10 pace.

Sun: 9 miles – 2 – 3 on the roads before the 10k group run in the snow

Total: 40 (at least I feel good about that number with this heckuva week!)

Salty Running boss and mother of 3 little ones with PRs of 3:10:15 (26.2), 1:25:59 (13.1) and 18:15 (5k). I love to write about running culture, mental training, and fitting in a serious running habit with the rest of a busy life.

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  1. Please get your thyroid checked ASAP!!! The high HR and lump in throat could be indicative of problems – and the side stitch, fatigue, depression, mood swings could also be. Some are hyper symptoms, some are hypo, but it IS possible to swing wildly between the two with certain thyroid problems.

    Simple blood test – ask for:
    free T4
    free T3
    anti-thyroid antibodies (think there are 2-3 of them, ask for all)

  2. Aww, lady, this breaks my heart. I hate the thought of you struggling in this way!! It does sound like there’s definitely something going on–and as you well know, these physical and emotional symptoms are totally connected. I’m with MJ–please try to get in and see your PCM to do the basic screening. As strong and self-aware and wise as you are, this might be one of those times where you need some extra help to get “reset” and back on track physically and mentally. Sending love and the FULL confidence that you will get beyond this and be stronger because of it.