Salty’s Training Log – 1.25.15

The revelation that my injury was most likely a symptom of a bigger problem, namely overtraining, led to something you won’t see often in my training logs. 4 big fat zero days in a row. I did no exercise at all for 4 whole days. And I didn’t hate it! I spent the time cleaning the house and getting it to a less-embarrassing state of disarray for a visit with our realtor who was going to look it over for the first time before giving us her assessment on it’s saleability. I actually enjoyed the work and the distraction from running. And my body definitely appreciated it. I did my Piyo (pilates/yoga combo) class and an elliptical session on Friday and it felt refreshing. I ran both days over the weekend and did one elliptical session too.ย The highlight was finding time to run on Sunday afternoon when I discovered the party my son was attending at the bounce house was a drop-off. I peeled out of the parking lot, raced home, changed and zipped to the park. I only had 40:00. I threw off my parka, locked the door and headed for the path only to see …

Coriander! I ran up ahead and begged her to let me join her for 20:00 of her run. If I would have been alone I’d probably wussed out and run the paved path, but instead I joined Coriander on the most peaceful and beautiful packed snow-covered trails. I so enjoyed catching up and having a trail master lead me along. I just wish I had more time! But alas, at 20:00 I had to head back to pick up my son. I will chalk up the fact that I was disappointed I had to stop at 40:00 as a good sign that I’m on the mend.

I am by no means out of the woods yet. But I am confident if I am careful I can ease back in to training in time to start my new training plan.

NEW TRAINING PLAN! Woohoo! I got my new training plan from McMillan Running. I am really excited about it. It starts the third week of February, so I have about 3 weeks to ease myself back into the swing of things. The plan also eases me too, so even then I won’t be doing anything close to what I was doing a month ago before I got injured. And that’s a good thing! I need something less intense and more balanced and tuned to me, my body and my lifestyle and I’m confident this is it! I can’t wait to share this 16-week block of training with you!

Preliminarily I am most excited about doing less pace-based training and more effort-based training. Instead of track workouts with pace goals, I have a lot of hill circuits and fartleks. The few track workouts have less total volume of track workouts I’ve done in the recent past but are at WAY slower speeds. Relative to the old workouts, these new ones are going to be like a spa day at the track! Of course that won’t be true. Controlled work can be harder than balls to the wall hard. It will be an adjustment, but in the past I’ve done very well with this type of training so I’m excited (in case you couldn’t tell!)

[Once again I forgot to snap pics. I just recently upgraded to an iPhone from a dumb phone and I keep forgetting I can do things like that now!]

Mon: zero

Tue: zip

Wed: nada

Thur: zilch

Fri: 45:00 Piyo class and 40:00 elliptical

Sat: 3.5ish miles with no watch outside and 35:00 elliptical

Sun: 4ish miles on beautiful snowy trails.

Total: 7.5-8 miles (trying … not … to … judge … myself), 75:00 elliptical, 45:00 Piyo.

Salty Running boss and mother of 3 little ones with PRs of 3:10:15 (26.2), 1:25:59 (13.1) and 18:15 (5k). I love to write about running culture, mental training, and fitting in a serious running habit with the rest of a busy life.

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  1. I don’t know why, but there’s always something really exciting about starting a new training plan. Like, first-day-of-school/new-book-smell/butterflies-in-the-belly exciting! (No? Just me…?) ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sounds like you’re in a super positive place with all this! Bravo! Excited to hear all about the upcoming 16 weeks. Keep on getting healthy!

    1. Thanks! It is super exciting! I’ve been with the same coach for the last 4 years out of the 10 I’ve been running, so this is a huge deal for me!