Salty’s Postpartum Running Update – Weeks 19 and 20

Sometimes I feel like I need to wear a crash helmet around here too.
Sometimes I feel like I need to wear a crash helmet around here too.

I was working on last week’s training log and then the bombs hit and then my training log seemed like the dumbest thing on earth to spend any time on. I just couldn’t deal with it. And even this week, as the other Salty Bloggers have noted in their own logs, it still feels so inconsequential. But, as Mint said, the show must go on.

In the face of all that was Boston last week, one thing really really really helped me make some sense out of it: my children. As I noted in our Boston. post, my kids will some day stand on the police barricades waiting to see me finishing a race. The tragedy of the lost lives of those spectators reminded me to cherish my healthy beautiful children and appreciate them. With kids as little as mine, each day can feel like a grind. The sleep deprivation. The constant cries, hits and screams for attention. The chaos. The mess. ย This stuff now also seems inconsequential in the healthy smiling faces of my children.

Hold on a sec. I need to go dole out some hugs.

K. I’m back. Besides Boston, it was a tough couple of weeks with more sleep issues than usual and then I also hurt my foot. First, let’s talk about sleep.

None of my kids were “good” sleepers for the first few months to a year. Maybe it’s nursing. Maybe it’s that we keep them in our room for many months? I have no idea. And honestly, I don’t really care as long as they’re healthy. This is my last trip down this road so there’s no sense in fighting something that will resolve itself relatively shortly. So, I cope. Most days are fine. I’m horizontal for 8 hours. I might not sleep great, but I’m not dying. But some days, when I stay up too late or the baby has a particular rough night and the big kids decide it’s time to start waking up crazy early and do this several days in a row, then I start really suffering. And nap time suddenly feels more like nap time for me rather than the opportunity to jump on the treadmill it usually is. And sometimes it gets so bad I wonder if I should run at all. What if I go into a zombie-like state and run in a pot hole or fall off the treadmill? It feels possible when the sleep deprivation is at its worst.

But one thing I’ve found, is that no matter how tired I am, I never regret opting for a run over a nap. But I do allow myself to indulge in a nap at least one weekday afternoon a week. I snuggle up with the baby and we snooze and it’s heavenly. I wake up with her little rosy face smiling at me and it’s one of those things I will miss when she’s not a baby any more. It’s worth losing productivity or a few miles. So worth it!

As for my foot, I will post more about this, but I gave myself extensor tendonitis. I didn’t do it by running too much or too fast or anything like that. Nope. I tied my shoe too tight too many days in a row. D-OH! But I managed not to miss any runs because of it and that is what I will tell you about soon. ย In the meantime, it hurt and was annoying. With Boston, the sleep deprivation and an ouchy foot, it was a relatively rough week. But I survived.

Still 141 last week, but haven't weighed myself this week.
Still 141 last week, but haven’t weighed myself this week. Feeling leaner. That has to count for something. Right?

Week 19

Mon: 7 with the double stroller.

Tue: 8 with the double stroller.

Wed: 8 with 4 miles in 28:03 (7:01 average) (total run averaged 7:38)

Thu: 8 on the tm (8:33 average)

Fri: off

Sat: 13.1 with a giant mile-long hill (average 7:46)

Sun: 8.15 with 6 x :30 pick-ups on the trails

Total: 52.25

Week 20

Mon: 8 with my friend Joanne and the double stroller (average ~8:45)

Tue: off

Wed: 8.5 on the trails with friends (average 8:07)

Thu: 7 on the treadmill (average 8:33)

Fri: 9 with 4 mile tempo averaging 6:49! (7:00; 6:53; 6:49; 6:37). This was not easy and probably faster than a tempo “should” be, but it was my first tempo in the freedom of not-the-treadmill and I couldn’t help myself. I promise the next one will be considerably slower!

Sat: Unintended off day. The day was busy and time to run slipped away.

Sun: Solo 14! Averaged 7:53. Last mile in 7:03. Woot!

Total: 46.53

Salty Running boss and mother of 3 little ones with PRs of 3:10:15 (26.2), 1:25:59 (13.1) and 18:15 (5k). I love to write about running culture, mental training, and fitting in a serious running habit with the rest of a busy life.

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  1. Man, I remember those days and it is hard. Sleep when you need to sleep – it is often just as important as fitting in a run.

    That said – nice work! You look great too!

    1. Thanks, Mint! I’d like to get my miles up to 60 mpw, but the sleep issues make 50ish about the most I can do right now and sometimes not even that- case in point last week. It’s a balancing act and when I want to push through it I remind myself that 70+ mile weeks will be along soon enough and to enjoy this time with my baby now while I have it.

  2. You should read this – I’ve just read it and it made me cry a little.

    I’m more or less happy with the body that running gives me. But I find it hard to make peace with the flab over my abs, that never seems to go way. I was just doing a DVD workout and despairing a little at the way my belly hangs to the ground (like a boob) when I do planks. And then I read the blog post above, by chance, and suddenly, my belly is a little more lovely. I loved these words.

    “My abdomen is doughy because it grew and housed my son, keeping him warm and cushioned in his water world. Scrambling to maintain the illusion that life does not etch itself into our cells and skin โ€“ this seems not only futile but disrespectful to me now.”

    Thought you might like it too.

    1. That is lovely. Thanks! And it’s very much in the spirit of loving your body for what it does – hello! making another human being!