Salty’s Postpartum Running Update – 22 Weeks

First time baby got to see momma race!

It was a typical week for me lately, save for yesterday. We piled the whole family into the car and headed to our local Y for their annual fundraising 5k. Although I am far from PR or even respectable racing shape (relative, of course) I couldn’t resist participating in this race to support the Y which offers my family so much and give my registration dollars to a great cause. Plus, they were putting on a kids race after the 5k and my big kids were excited!

Normally, I would never ask my husband to come down to a race with all three kids while I ran. First, I know how unfun it is to watch three little kids in a crowd. Second, it would be unfun for me worrying about them all and I wouldn’t be able to relax and enjoy the race anyway. But, my wonderful friend Joanne and her kiddos were coming down and sacrificing her own racing time to hang out with my family. Just call me lucky!

I had time for a 2+ mile warm-up and some strides. I ran the race last year when I was 10.5 weeks pregnant and my goal was to beat my time. I was 6 pounds lighter then and much closer to peak fitness than I am now. I ran a 20:47. Anything under 21:00 today and I’d be ok with the result.

I spotted some speedy acquaintances, who on a normal day I could try to keep up with, but not this day. I lined up behind them until we were off and then within a few feet realized I was way too close to them so I backed off and let all the people that go out to fast swoop me up in a swarm. Starting out I was probably 10th woman, but by the first mile I was in 4th. I’d place with a top-3 finish and all my Y friends would be excited if I did that, so that became my goal. I couldn’t see my pace on the watch, so I just focused on getting that third place spot.

Soon after the first mile I realized the current third place woman was slowing down. By halfway I got her and just kept motoring along. I passed some guys and was in no man’s land. I always seem to end up by myself for some portion of every race! I focused on the next pack. The second place woman was way too far up to get her, so I focused on the guys. I passed one more guy with about 1000 meters to go. I wasn’t sure on the time. The mile markers seemed off. But when I turned the corner I saw the finish clock and my crew and Joanne’s crew and booked it to get a sub-20! 19:33! I’m not sure how accurate the course was, so I’m taking this with a grain of salt, but I’m very happy with it for now. I was definitely under the 6:30 pace I had hoped for before the race. With no speed work, an extra 10+ pounds on the ol’ bod I’ll take it!

After my race I did a quick cool down and came back for the kids’ race. My kids were so excited! Even my shy son couldn’t wait to RUN! It was great to see them enjoying the sport of running. I was a proud momma!

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Mon: 7 easy with the stroller

Tue: 8 easy with the stroller and my pal Joanne.

Wed: 8 with 2 @ 6:56, 2 x 2:00, 200. 400 @ ~ 6:20 pace and then 1 mile in 6:47.

Thu: 8 from home on roads to the trails. Hot, hard and hilly. (avg 8:26 pace)

Fri: Had designs on a 7 run week, but once nap time rolled around I caved and took a snooze with baby.

Sat: 12 very hilly miles (avg 8:02 pace)

Sun: 7 with 5k in 19:33!

Total: 50


Salty Running boss and mother of 3 little ones with PRs of 3:10:15 (26.2), 1:25:59 (13.1) and 18:15 (5k). I love to write about running culture, mental training, and fitting in a serious running habit with the rest of a busy life.

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