Salty Running Is Growing!

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Hey Salty Runners!

This is Cinnamon, Salty’s sister. I’d like to take a quick moment to thank all of you gals (and guys too) for following this site. Not very long ago, this online resource and community was still a crazy idea, then Salty’s New Year’s resolution, and now to see a concrete version of it taking shape is really amazing!ย  We never thought it would grow so fast, but because of you Salty Running is gonna need a little more room…

With all the great articles Salty’s been cranking out, you may be surprised to hear that this is just the beginning.ย  Pretty soon we’ll be rolling out the red carpet for the real deal, and we just know you’re gonna love it.

In the meantime, the current site and its content will continue to be available atย  And don’t worry – we’ll be posting new content when we conduct our full launch of the new improved site very soon! Stay tuned!

Cinnamon made Salty Running, takes lots of pictures and drinks lots of coffee. She has 8 more minutes to knock off her marathon for a 3:40 BQ, and will get there or die trying. Her writing is an eclectic mix of finding wholeness as an average runner, news reporting, curious reactions, satirical humor and more.

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