Sage’s Training Log: 8.30-9.5.2015

This week started with the last morning of my running/yoga/wine retreat at Walker Creek Ranch in Marin County. I don’t normally do back to back runs, and Saturday I’d run in the morning and afternoon for the retreat, but couldn’t pass up the Sunday morning run on the trails amidst the beautiful lush and vibrancy of this area. We also enjoyed an hour of Pilates core strength with Caitlin Smith who’d just placed first in the Tamalpa Headlands 50k here before heading home.

Morning trail run ended at Turtle Pond.
Morning trail run ended at Turtle Pond.

I incorporated swimming and running as usual during the week after a very good 10 mile run on Tuesday, where I focused on ChiRunning techniques from the retreat. Unfortunately, I also tried out new shoes and the combination, while feeling great during the run, likely caused the extreme biting pain in my hammies and glutes for the next two days. I took an extra recovery day along with a pre-scheduled acupressure session from a friend who was donating her fees to help a freshman artist at RISD. It was my first experience with acupressure, which my friend has embraced along with her yoga practice (by day, she’s an investment professional!). I likely prefer the deeper massage but relished the ability to catch up on the news of our respective children.

A good tempo run on Friday and a walk/bike combination on Saturday morning topped off by reflexology (such a good deal: $35/session) ended the week. My feet so appreciate this massage technique!

The week:

Sunday: 4.25mile trail run; Pilates core strength

Monday: Swim 1m

Tuesday: Long run–10miles (with miles 7-9 at HMP); acupressure

Wednesday: Walk (3m); swim (.75m); bike (10m) [NOT a triathlon]

Thursday: Bike (15m on hills)

Friday: Tempo run–6miles (1m easy/2x2miles at HMP/1m easy)

Saturday: Walk (4.5m); bike (16m); reflexology

Coming down the trail off Walker Creek Peak.
Coming down the trail off Walker Creek Peak.

The end of summer and the figs (black and white) are ripe! Hope you all are enjoying the long weekend.

I'm a senior masters runner. I write about my running journey and topics of interest to runners of all ages. My current goal is to maintain of steady base of road and (new to me) trail running, with some 5k, 10k, and half marathons throughout the year.

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  1. Patricia, it was amazing to notice you venturing back onto trails after the main run sunday. So wonderful to have run a few miles with you this weekend!