Sage’s Training Log 12.19.2015

Snow in backyard; view from exercise room
Snow in backyard; view from exercise room

Half marathon training program week 1, redux. I decided to follow the Hansons Half Marathon Method, “The Beginners Program,” for training for this April’s half marathon. Using their calculation this was week 1, so I’ll start again with my training schedule and log posts.

If you’ve trained using the Hansons Method, you understand that cumulative fatigue is the underlying foundation of their plans. I was/am concerned about the “running almost every day” approach but using programs that have very long runs for one of the three runs during the week are too hard for me, given the recovery period. This programs uses the first few weeks of an eighteen-week cycle to prepare the initial foundation, building on 3-4 mile runs, 5-6 times a week, at half marathon goal pace (HMP)+1:30-2:30. This seems slow but I like not pushing the pace as I start adding running days to my week.

We had LOTS of snow this week, almost ten inches Monday night/Tuesday, so cross-training included snow shoveling and walking very carefully on icy sidewalks and streets. I used the treadmill and did some aqua jogging, too, instead of outside training. The weather is warming so I’ll try running in the slush starting on Sunday.

Time also spent wrapping presents for baby Solomon.
Time also spent wrapping presents for baby Solomon.

The week:

Monday: 6 miles easy pace on Boulder bike paths

Tuesday: Bicycling on trainer (1 hour); core strength and flexibility (I rediscovered an old CTS  workout DVD for runners that has some good core strength dynamic exercises, which are good for heart rate, as well as some flexibility exercises that I’d forgotten, e.g., superman, scissors, cross-leg stretches); and snow shoveling!

Wednesday: Run 5 miles on treadmill (0.5m warm-up; 4 miles@8:27; 0.5m cool-down)

Thursday: Run 4 miles (based on conversion of 50 minutes of medium perceived effort aqua jogging); hip strength exercises

Friday: Run 4 miles on treadmill @9:00 (because there is no wind resistance on treadmill–and no hills (I used only very slight incline)–I decided that the 9:00 pace, while faster than the easy pace recommended, seemed about right)

Saturday: Hike 5.5 miles on snow covered trail; core strength and flexibility for runners.

Happy holidays!

I'm a senior masters runner. I write about my running journey and topics of interest to runners of all ages. My current goal is to maintain of steady base of road and (new to me) trail running, with some 5k, 10k, and half marathons throughout the year.

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  1. I’m coming to the end of Hanson’s beginner marathon program and the cumulative fatigue is no joke. I will say it is hard to face what turns into at least 8 miles every single day, with many days much longer. But, hopefully it will all pay off in the very near future! Good luck to you.

    1. My husband has used the Hansons Marathon training for the last two years. He likes the 16 mile longest run as well as keeping up decent mileage on daily basis. I do like to get in a run almost daily, but
      not sure yet if my legs will cooperate! Good luck.