Sage’s Training Log–12.12.2015

ColderBolder: Need oxygen!
ColderBolder: Need oxygen!

Week 1 of 18-week half marathon training program officially began on Sunday! I registered for a mid-April half marathon to coincide with being on the east coast to watch my husband run his third Boston Marathon.

I haven’t decided which training plan to use, having followed the “Run Less Run Faster” plan this year, but without the extra-long long runs. My husband likes Hansons Marathon Method  which provides for shorter long runs (16 miles for marathon) but with almost daily running. Although I’ve eschewed this approach in the past, concerned about over-running my too many decades old legs, I’d like to try more continuous running. I’ll decide on a plan within the next few weeks.

If you read last week’s training log, you know I bonked at the ColderBolder 5k—I could not get enough oxygen into my lungs. After doing some research into altitude training, I realized I haven’t focused enough on aerobic effort in my swimming or hiking, my cross-training activities during these past two months of half marathon recovery period. I intend to do more bicycle training with greater intensity for increased aerobic capacity, faster-paced hikes (good hill-work along with aerobic work), increase my base mileage, and hydrate more. Several articles on altitude training suggest taking anti-oxidant supplements to help either when first at altitude or longer term when living at altitude.  My massage therapist suggested a chlorophyll supplement to increase red blood cells and oxygen-carrying capacity, which might help until I adapt to the elevation. I’ll see how it goes.

The week:

Sunday 12.6: One-hour on bicycle trainer (I use Carmichael Training System training DVDs, e.g., fitness, speed, mountains, sprints); 4-mile walk

Monday 12.7: Run 5.5 miles @8:51 average pace; hip strength exercises

Tuesday 12.8: Swim 1 mile; stretching

Wednesday 12.9: Run 7 miles @ 8:08-9:05 pace, with some hills (although not very steep) and focus on relaxed breathing. Massage with attention to very tight gluteus medius (perhaps from hill work) and stretching of my lats and obliques, which are engaged when runners are in their gait cycle when left leg and right arm extend back together (and then other side).

Thursday 12.10: One-hour on bicycle trainer; 7-mile hike; dynamic core strength exercises

Friday 12.11: Run 6.4 miles @ slow, easy pace with focus on breathing and relaxing muscles; stretch and foam roller. The highlight of the morning was seeing Kara Goucher running easily along Boulder Creek Trail as I was cooling down (some what of an oxymoron in barely 40 degree weather). I tried to remain cool and not jump and down waving my arms to say hello. A slight nod of our heads, instead.

On the bicycle trainer.
On the bicycle trainer.

Saturday 12.12: I wanted to run outside today, for back-to-back runs but the snow forced me inside. One hour on bicycle trainer; dynamic core strength exercises.

I must remember perseverance and patience while I re-establish my base mileage and look forward to intervals and tempo runs in a few weeks.

I'm a senior masters runner. I write about my running journey and topics of interest to runners of all ages. My current goal is to maintain of steady base of road and (new to me) trail running, with some 5k, 10k, and half marathons throughout the year.

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  1. Thanks. I’ll let you know when I’m in NY for the More Magazine Half and maybe we can get together…or I’ll see you running Boston Marathon with Doug!