Saffron’s Last (for now) Training Log 11/8/2013

Allie and Carter post-COO half
with Carter after her HUGE half marathon PR and my…half marathon finish

Hi everyone, and greetings from beneath my low ferretin, stressed out rock! I’ve been absent because I need to be and will be for a few months. Yes, this Spice Girl needs to take a hiatus. But before I go, one last (for now) training log.

Although I have not been able to contribute to Salty Running much as of late, I have been training and doing my best impression of racing over the past couple of weeks. Unfortunately, the combination of being a full time mom and housewife, STAR coaching at 5 sites for Girls On The Run, navigating the intricacies of moving my family out of the terrible rental situation we are in AND trying to keep up my training all while having what I recently learned is extremely low ferretin levels is just TOO MUCH for me. I want to go to bed every single day at 4 p.m. I am cranky. I am drained. I am also pretty darn stubborn, which means that for quite some time I have been trying to keep up on all of my responsibilities without missing a beat. And let me tell you, it doesn’t work. So here I am, raising the white flag and saying that this will, unfortunately, be my last Salty Running post for a little while. My hope is that once I have more energy and have my family settled in a new place that I will be able to come back to the Salty fold and entertain you all with my opinions and insights on running once more. In the meantime, here is one last training log detailing the week leading up to my intensely disappointing half marathon last Sunday.

Monday, October 28th: 7 miles on the treadmill plus 30 minutes of core. In addition to all the other stuff on my plate, I spent many, many hours this week making my sons’s (awesome) Halloween costume. It was totally worth it but I was so stressed out by a silly costume that I was having some major anxiety. Grateful for this run as it gave me a break from sewing!

Tuesday, October 29th:ย Since this was my second time getting ready for a half marathon under my coach’s guidance I was not at all surprised that I had a fairly hefty workout today. And aside from my wonky gait and my plantar pain it felt awesome. Did 4 mile warm up, strides, then 4 x (1000/2min rest/600/1 min rest) at 5k pace (5:46 today, which felt relatively easy) and then just a mile cool down. The gait is frustrating but the fitness is there!

Wednesday, October 30th: Lots of early morning runs this week to give me time to sew a detailed peregrine falcon costume. Nothing special about this 7 mile run except that I accomplished it!

Thursday, October 31st: Finally, Halloween, and the last little speed session before the half, done in the wee hours of the morning so that I could turn my attention to the festivities of Pumpkin Day. 25 minute warm up, 8 x (1 minute hard/1 minute easy) with the hard starting at 5:46 pace (5k pace) and working down to 5:18 pace (mile pace) and finally 10 minutes of cool down. Felt good overall, but I could tell I was tired.

Friday, November 1st: Rest day. I had 45 minutes on the schedule but my body was just drained.

Saturday, November 2nd: 30 minute shake out run. This did nothing for my confidence – my gait was still wonky – but it was nice to only run for 30 minutes!

Sunday, November 3rd: City of Oaks Half Marathon, or a lesson in why we ought to always have a race plan.

In summary, I ran the same time today as I ran on a solo training run about a week ago. I had no plan for pacing and boy oh boy did it ever show. I am not surprised in the least by how bad my performance was, but I am disappointed. Once again I really struggled with my breathing and I just ran out of energy by halfway. More than anything else without a plan my head just wasn’t in the race at all. I wasn’t focused, I wasn’t in a racing mindset, none of that. And I just couldn’t fake it.

So that is the bad news. Fortunately this race report isn’t all doom and gloom. The good news was that, when my left hamstring, hip flexor and adductor tightened up at mile 3 (I was expecting this to happen at some point, but not mile 3!) I didn’t pack it in. I leaned forward a bit and worked through it. And eventually it loosened up. And when I got super short of breath and had to take a walking break to wheeze, I got back to running as soon as possible, every time. I never quit. And despite my miserable (for me) time and all my walking breaks I am incredibly grateful to have been the first masters woman to have crossed the finish line, as well as the fourth woman overall and the third USATF woman.

In other news my dear friend Carter, whom I have watched turn from a jogger to a half marathoner over the past 2 years, took seven minutes off her PR and came within 2 seconds of running a sub-2 hour half. So proud of her!

So there you have it folks…I will miss writing for Salty during this hiatus but, like I said, I look forward to being back in the spring. In the meantime, happy running y’all!

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