Saffron’s 2 week training log-palooza – 10.6.13

40-44 bib
For the first time ever, I got to wear this on my back on Saturday. I felt like I was being hunted…

Hi all! It has been a busy couple of weeks in the Saffron house as we attempt to buy a house on top of all of our other obligations. Sounds easy, but it has involved whole days of meeting with multiple towns and counties to figure out where the lot lines are and where we can potentially build a garage. Really thrilling stuff and a total time suck! Fortunately I made the time (a.k.a. lots of early mornings) to keep training consistently through the craziness! Here’s what happened last week and this week!

Monday, Sept. 23: 9 miles outside on some super tired legs plus 45 minutes of core work.

Tuesday, Sept. 24:  LT work. I did this super early & actually almost went back to bed after the first 2 miles! But I kept at it and I got it done. I warmed up then did my LT work: 3 miles, 3 minutes rest, 2 miles, all at 6:18 pace. I followed up with 4 minutes easy then 3 x 1:00 uphill with downhill recovery & a cool down.

Wednesday, Sept. 25: 8 recovery miles before dawn. Grateful for my treadmill!

Thursday, Sept. 26: Early morning 5 miles with my high school BFF Carter at 9:36 pace followed by the discovery that we are not going out of town this weekend, which means that I won’t be racing. With this new info in hand I dropped my kiddo off at school and headed out for 5 more miles at 6:51 average.

Friday, Sept. 27: Today’s run was supposed to be a 20 minute warm up, 40 minutes at MP (6:50), 20 minute cool down. I did 2.5 miles of warm up at about 7:15 pace (fail) & by mile 2.5 I was running 6:50 pace so just stuck with it. I proceeded to run a bunch of miles around 6:35 pace with one rogue one at 6:19. I was off my goal pace and tried to slow down but my legs were stuck at 6:35. By the last 2 miles my legs HURT! I ended up making it through the 40 minutes and then did my drills and “cooled down”, which included more miles under 7 minute pace. Sigh. I have never claimed to be good at pacing myself!

Saturday, Sept. 28: Rise Run, 8 miles easy

Sunday, Sept. 29: 14 miles in Umstead with Ellen. It was hilly, my legs were tired, but we had a ton of fun!

Monday, Sept. 30: Camping with my family and there was nowhere to run…except around the campground. So I did 14 loops around tents and RV’s for a total of 9 miles.

Tuesday, Oct. 1: I actually didn’t want to run today. I procrastinated but finally decided to just give it a go. My warm up felt hard and my stomach hated me. But my drills were okay. And my strides were good. And So You Think You Can Dance still had an hour left so I decided to do the workout. 4 x (1000m/2 minute recover/600m/1 minute recovery). I averaged 5:44 for the intervals, which were more like 1200m and 800m with the treadmill ramp up. And, of course, I felt fine throughout. Sometimes running is such a freaking head game!

Wednesday, Oct. 2: Insomnia run. Woke up at 3:45. Husband went to bed at 4. I ran 8 recovery miles before 5:50. Yuck.

Thursday, Oct. 3: I honestly thought I was going to have a taper day since I have a race Saturday but instead I had 20 minutes at LT pace and 4 x 200 in :40. I was a little trepidatious about tackling this 48 hours pre-race but I figured, why not! The LT work was hard…I stuck with 6:18 pace but it took a lot of focus to be there. Glad to now rest up a little and rehydrate before I hit the trails on Saturday!

Friday, Oct. 4: Finally, a little recovery! 4 easy miles.

Continental Divide pic
This isn’t me, but this is an actual photo of the last hill we had to climb in the National Trail 10k Champs. Ouch.

Saturday, Oct. 5: National Trail 10k Champs. The course is brutal. 22% climb over rocks, 28% descent at one point. A lot of it is just unrunnable, which some people loved and I found frustrating. My goals were to a) not get hurt and b) hopefully win the master’s division (ideally while not having to race all out). I knew that both goals were lofty considering the conditions and the competition. But I ran my own race, took it relatively easy (which was still uber-hard) and ultimately met all my goals. I ran 59:57, finished 6th woman overall and won the masters title. Hurrah for being 40!

Sunday, Oct. 6: Here’s a surprise: I am sore. Mostly in my hips from stabilizing myself on the uneven, technical singletrack. So today I stuck with a rest day. I went for a short walk on my tender, sore legs and I called it a day.

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