Incorporate a Little Running into Your Wedding Day

Go Salty! Photo by Ken Blaze.
Go Salty! Photo by Ken Blaze.

I’m getting married in 2 months. Wait … I’m getting married in 2 months?!?!?! This whole wedding thing is starting to get very real (and exciting, of course).

My fiance Sam and I have tried to make our wedding day uniquely us. Our family and friends know all about our hobbies, our quirks and our unique personalities, so we feel incorporating such tidbits into the special day seems appropriate. The other day I was thinking of ways I could incorporate my love of running into the festivities and I just knew I needed to share these awesome ideas with you!

Let’s talk about all the little ways to incorporate a little running into your wedding day!

When it comes to incorporating running into your wedding you can go big or incorporate small touches. It’s up to you.

Let’s start big. When we think of running and weddings, you probably think of that couple that gets hitched during the marathon. If you’re going to do something like that, you need a runnable dress. And have we got one for you!

The famous Oiselle Runaway Bride Wedding Dress:

Cute! And it whicks away sweat!

Custom designed and made in Seattle, Washington, a bride who fancies this dress gets her own personal consultant and in-person fittings. The first of its kind, a bride could literally race a 10k to the alter with its moisture-wicking material. It includes a ring pocket, a bouquet holder for those elegant flowers, and a fuel belt that’s camouflaged underneath to keep the ensemble looking elegant while serving in practicality.

For my wedding, this is a little too over the top. If you’re like me and want a traditional walk down the aisle, you might consider going with small touches.

So, how can runner gals like us splash our passion of running into one of the most special days of our lives without going over the top? Luckily, with the expertise of Miss Salty, who herself incorporated some adorable little running touches into her wedding, I was able to garner a couple of ideas (that I may or may not have to incorporate to some degree – love ya, Salty!) But I also list a few that are uniquely Ginkgo. We’d love to hear your suggestions, too!

The Pre-Wedding Run.

While a full on group thing will be too much, I’d like to take a run that morning to clear my mind and get my blood flowing. Plus, it would be a good warm-up for my evening dance moves and a stress reliever for the minor(!) pressures that surround such a day. I really don’t think I could go wrong squeezing in a few miles before getting my Starbucks and up-do with all my girls.Salty told me she did a fartlek with a friend early that day and it was just what she needed to be fresh and ready for her big day!

Hear these at the finish line of your single life. Photo by Ken Blaze.

Under the Dress

So, originally, I was going to go with a lace blue thong from Victoria’s Secret bedazzled with “Bride” on the bum, but I’m thinking I might incorporate a cute runner one instead (Oiselle should make bridal rundies to go with their wedding dress!).

The Grand Exit 

Who needs birdseed? Who needs bubbles? How about: COWBELLS! Yes, just like at a race, when exiting the church, have your guests congratulate you by ringing loud and clear. If that doesn’t get your blood flowing…check your pulse.

The Pics

Instead of feeling staged and corny, go with candid. Heck, be like Salty and her cute Mister and let yourself run with the wind! Let the photographer capture you in your most natural setting; in our case, running. So absolutely adorable, I almost teared up at this one.

These photos from Salty's 2007 wedding just don't surprise me! Photo by Ken Blaze.
These photos from Salty’s 2007 wedding just don’t surprise me! Photo by Ken Blaze.

The Toast

Before the heavy celebrating begins be like Salty and hydrate your guests with a Gatorade toast. My favorite is blue, which would coordinate perfectly with our centerpieces anyway!

Toast with one of our favorite hydrating treats: Gatorade! Champagne tastes bad anyway.
Champagne tastes bad anyway. Photo by Ken Blaze.

The Table Numbers

Have you run 23 marathons and happen to have 23 tables at your reception? Why not recycle them and make each table a marathon or a number corresponding to your race bib number? Or you could use race photos or medals too!

The Snacks

We as runners know how important it is to fuel the body with healthy energy. By midnight, some may have been dancing for a good 3 hours! It’s time to snack a little snack. Honey Stinger waffles or chews would be a great parting gift. Yum! But you could use any of your favorite running goodies.

How did you incorporate your love of running into your wedding day? Got any other ideas to share? 

I'm a new momma, full-time non-profiter, and coffee lover. I write about healthy body image, half marathon training, and recovery from eating disorders. I'm currently training to maintain fitness throughout the winter and break 1:27:00 in my next half marathon.

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  1. OMG I LOVE THIS!! Is it sad that almost every time I run, I think of ways I can incorporate running into my wedding (that still isn’t happening yet haha)? I love the cowbell idea!!

    1. I bet it will happen sooner than you think and you’ll be extra prepared to blow it outta the water with super fun running chick ideas!

  2. Love the cowbell idea! We had a “Big Day 5K” the morning of the wedding that all our friends and famly were invited to participate in. It ended up being a really fun, eclectic mix of runners and walkers with some dogs and babies, too. One of my friends organized the route to go by some sentimental spots (first date location, building where we met, etc.) My hubs is not a runner, but he contributed by designing race tshirts. It was so fun! We had an afternoon wedding so it was definitely a little crunched for time, but I would do it again. Plus our photographer was a friend and runner, and he got some really cool shots!

    1. That is SO cool. I’d love to see some of those shots!! It would be so cool to add a fundraising component and have all proceeds (have each person pay $5 or something) go to the couples’ favorite charity. Maybe that’s asking too much, though, since people are already dealing out dollars to get to the wedding and give gifts (??). I love, love this idea but i think I’d be stressed about time, too!

      1. We just did it pretty casually – route via MapMyRun, email invite, etc. We paid for people’s shirts because they were already traveling and all that. The inspiration for this was a couple I read about who planned an actual legit 5K, open to anyone for their wedding morning… way too much for me!

        A few friends and I threw one of these as more of a shower for a pal who *didn’t* want to do it on her actual wedding day, and that way we had time for brunch afterwards. So maybe that would be a good option for you, to do it like a week before?

  3. What a fun post! Why didn’t we do this sooner?!

    The one other thing we did at my wedding, albeit half-heartedly, was to tie a bunch of old running shoes to our get-away car in lieu of tin cans 🙂

    Also, Sassafras did some running stuff at her wedding too. Hopefully she’ll have some time today to fill us in!

  4. Love this post! I’m getting marrried in July. Our save the dates were running themed and looked like race bibs. We loved them and were excited but everyone else loved them too!
    I will definitely be running on the morning of my wedding and I’m pretty sure we’ll go for a run the next morning. Our first run as husband and wife.
    If I can find discount cow bells we might have to do that. I would love that much more!

    1. Here’s where I got them: I don’t remember them being this pricey. We did only get 2 dozen (we had a small wedding ~70 guests) so it was a perfect amount. I think that’s a good amount for a bigger wedding too, actually. You don’t want too many – SOOOO loud! Just enough for the little kids or a few people in the front of the crowd would be just right, I think.

        1. So cool! I actually have a friend who helps do bulk orders with things like these and I think she’s going to make some for us with our names and wedding date! She can even do them in our corresponding wedding colors (in our case coral and turquoise). If you’re interested in getting a quote from her please e-mail me and I’ll get you in touch forsure!

          Salty, you made my day with this idea. I’m SO excited about it!

          1. Hi! I’m getting married in January 2014 and LOVE the cowbell idea. Thinking it’d be a good alternative to the clinking of glasses to have the bride & groom kiss – 1 cowbell per table. If your friend still does bulk orders, I’d like to request a quote. It’d be 25 cowbells with text on both sides (table # on one side & our names & date on the other side). Colors are still TBD – but I’m leaning towards royal blue & ivory (or silver). Thanks!

          2. Hi @Pepper!
            I used Stuart Company for the cowbells here in Columbus. They were pretty reasonably priced- the contact is Dave Dawson

  5. I wore running shoes under my gown as soon as the ceremony was over and throughout the reception. I was so comfortable! I’ll also say that I was wearing under armor instead of spanx. It was white….and less expensive that the alternatives. 🙂 Plus, I now have compression shorts. We also both cycle so our “getaway car” was actually a pedicab.

  6. Cute ideas!!
    The morning of my wedding I ran on the hotel gym treadmill with a couple friends. Then, DISASTER struck and the treadmill went INSANE! It sped up and wouldn’t shut down. I have never had this happen to me, before or since. Crazy. I picked another treadmill and continued. 🙂

    1. I would totally be that bride who would fly off the treadmill! It’s happened to me twice already in my days. Actually, come to think of it, maybe I should skip the run all together on the morning of (I will probably end up with skinned knees or a bloody face or something)…although, it would definitely be “me”

  7. Great article Ginko!!!

    So, its official there will be COW BELLS at our wedding! But please don’t make me run with you the morning of… I nominate Otto.

    1. Otto said he nominates you. I think all of us should run together – maybe the morning after as our first one together as husband and wife/the sexton fam! I heart that idea.

  8. These are great ideas. For our wedding my husband and I went for a run, just the two of us, the morning of our wedding. It was a really nice way to get some quiet time alone before all of the chaos started!