Rue’s Training Log – Week of 3.5.2017

Race Week!!! This week was my first road race of the spring 2017 season and I couldn’t wait to escape the Ohio winter for some Florida sunshine! The plan was to take a down week in mileage since I have been up over 105 for about 8 weeks now–no double runs, just single runs with one workout on Tuesday.

All of the Saltines at the USATF 15K Championships in Jacksonville, FL

3/5–  Slept in and eventually went to Oak Openings with Will for an easy run. I did the first half on some single track trails (with Will who decided to be a one stepper today…not cool) but then went to a nicer loop for the second half. Just did an easy 92 minutes in the beautiful sunshine and called it about 12.3 miles.

3/6– Woke up super early to make an airport run and then fell asleep for another 2 hours (I was home by 6am). Waited until the afternoon to run and met up with Linh at Wildwood. I did 6 miles alone, 6 miles with Linh and then 2.3 miles by myself.

3/7–Workout day–woke up to some major wind (25mph with gusts up to 40 mph) so I waited until about 11am to workout. I did a 3 mile warmup, 2×200 at 38, 2 miles at 11:11, mile at 5:17, 2 x 1k at 3:16 and 3:15 and ended with a really bad 400.  This workout just felt forced–not a lot of pop in my step and I felt like I was working hard–could be the wind or could just be the training. Total mileage of 14 miles

3/8–Easy run of 11.7 miles at Wildwood with the team.

3/9–Travel day!!! Woke up at 4am for my flight and then ran with Rochelle and some other ladies in Jacksonville. Ended up running with 88 minutes and it was so nice to meet some new people.

3/10–Pre race day–easy 65 minutes with a few strides.

New friends post-race–Gabi Anzalone (stud from UW-Madison who is balancing 2 part-time jobs and grad school) and Emma Kertesz (stud from Toledo who is completely fearless and is getting ready for a new adventure in Denver!)

3/11-Race day–Rough. Just felt off a mile into the race. My plan was to go out conservative because in the past, the race has gone out super fast and people fade pretty hard. I wanted to run about 17:20-17:30 for the first 2 5k’s and then try to really race the last 5k. Emma and I went out in 17:30 and we were already WAY off anyone and I wasn’t worried because I figured people would fade once we got through 10k. From 5k to 10k we worked really well together and caught a few people and by 10k moved up to about 26th. Once we hit 10k, I tried to pick it up but I felt like I wasn’t catching people or making progress…and then the Green Monster hit me at like 7.5 miles. The Green Monster is a bridge that has a 4% grade for 0.7 miles and let me tell ya, it was rough. I threw a tiny pity party for myself about halfway up but then I caught a girl so I snapped myself out of it. Once I hit the top, I tried to really use the downhill for the last mile. In the last 5k, I passed 6 women and didn’t get passed by any (except a lot of guys) so I am happy about that.  

Despite a rough race, the experience was AMAZING. Honestly, it was the most fun I have ever had at a road race and I met so many amazing people. I met women at all different stages of their running career and it was great to meet some other Saltines.  I ate an amazing post-race burger, took a beautiful river cruise, indulged in some Kilwin’s ice cream and formed some new friendships that I have a feeling will be a part of me for a very long time.

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  1. Loved reading the picture comment of the three of you studs! The picture itself is fantastic, but I love reading uplifting remarks about fellow runners. We too often tear each other down, especially other women, so loved reading this.