Rue’s Training Log- Week of 2.2617

Sunday 2/26– First day off in about 8 weeks. To be honest, it was 100% unplanned and I was actually supposed to do a workout. Woke up not feeling good and I am recruiting all day the the Michigan HS State Track Meet so I walked to Panera from my hotel and drank some coffee rather than going for my run. I felt guilty for about 2 hours and then I realized that rest is okay.

Monday 2/27– Morning Workout—3 mile warmup, 8 mile tempo @6:00-6:05 pace, 7 mile cool down. I am so happy that I waited an extra day for this workout! The tempo felt pretty relaxed but I didn’t feel super light on my feet (I did it in my Kayanos rather than training flats). I came back in the afternoon (about 6.5 hours later) and did a 3 mile warmup, 8×300 @ 53 w/3 min rest, 3 mile cool down. The 300s felt really good today—felt in control and relaxed which is key during these. I tried to focus on good form and quick feet. 

Tuesday 2/28  It was COLD at 6am workouts so I decided to run on the treadmill rather than going back outside. I told myself that I needed to run at least 4 miles and ended up running an easy 8 miles. I came back in the afternoon for a 10 mile run on the bike path with Linh. 

Wednesday 3/1 Long run day 🙂 The 25 mph winds did not make for a fun long run but I got the mileage in. I ran from work out to Wildwood Metropark where I met the team and then ran back to work. It was a nice way to break up the long run (despite my GPS getting messed up in Wildwood). 

Thursday 3/2– An easy 10 miles in the morning at Wildwood by myself. It was pretty relaxing and I ran easy. I went back to Wildwood with the team in the afternoon and ran another 8 miles with them. I felt better in the afternoon for sure.

Friday 3/3– Today was a mega mental struggle. It was cold and I was feeling unmotivated so I started with 4.5 miles on the treadmill and then ran with Linh in Fetterman (indoor turf training facility) for another 45 minutes to call today a little over 10 miles. I wanted to stop about 30 times and eventually took my watch off at 20 minutes since I was going nuts. Everything just ached today.

Saturday 3/4– Workout Day! It is very rare for someone to be at a workout with me (I haven’t had someone watch a workout since June 2015) but since Will was in town, he came out to the track and gave me splits which was a HUGE help since I was nervous about this workout. 

Split Goals:                                                   Actual Splits:

2k: 6:50 (82/400)  4m/b                           6:51

Mi:  5:20 (80/400)  3m/b                         5:17

1200:  3:54 (78/400)  3m/b                     3:52

800:  2:32 (76/400)  3m/b                      2:32

600:  1:51 (74/400)  3m/b                        1:51

400:  70  2m/b                                            71.5

200:  ???                                                      34.1

It’s hard to explain how I felt on this workout—My legs weren’t sore but they didn’t feel fresh or have a lot of pop…everything felt just a tiny bit forced.  If I would have been out on the track by myself, I probably would have fallen off the paces after the 1200 so it was really good to have some accountability. 

Total Weekly Mileage: 107

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  1. Nice week! Way to grind it out on Friday. Sometimes you have to find ways to bribe/motivate yourself … For me sometimes that’s the treadmill so I can listen to a podcast or watch a show, or maybe it’s finishing the run at Starbucks and getting a cappuccino and walking back. So yeah, I feel ya! What’s on your spring racing schedule?