Rue’s Training Log: 3/26

To be honest, this week was rough. I haven’t had an injury that took me out of running for more than 2 days in a row since I had a stress fracture in September 2013 and then this week happened. On Monday morning I went out for my normal 13-15 mile run before work and something in my foot started to bother me pretty bad. At about 4 miles into the run, I got a weird tightness/pain around my peroneal tendon but the stubborn person I am continued to run another 11 miles on it.

By mile 12, I had to stop and try to stretch it out but nothing was helping so I jogged home and figured I had some tendonitis in my peroneal. I stopped by our athletic training room on my way to the office and grabbed some ice hoping that would do the trick. It didn’t bother me much during the day but I knew that my afternoon double would have to be scratched and I planned on cross training on Tuesday to be safe. There was a dull pain/ache that woke me up in the middle of the night and it was painful to walk down stairs but just walking normal wasn’t painful.

On Wednesday, my coach and I decided to give running a try by testing it for 10 minutes since I was supposed to race the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler on Sunday.  That “test” was a mega fail as every single step hurt and nothing was loosening up.  I stopped by the training room again and the head athletic trainer gave me some bad news–after doing a few tests, he told me that he didn’t think it was tendonitis but he thought that it was a stress reaction or fracture in my fibula.  To be honest, my heart stopped for a split second and he proceeded to tell me that the fibula is only 10% weight bearing so people normally don’t feel anything when they are running until it is really bad.

On Thursday, I went to the doctor (hoping for an MRI) but instead I got an X-ray, which showed something small but not a fracture, and a referral for an MRI.  The bad news was that I couldn’t get an MRI appointment for 12 days!!  However, I know that my body and bone needs rest and even if it’s only a stress reaction, I need to take a minimum of 2-3 weeks off.

So over the next few weeks, I will have quality time with the elliptical. I had a goal of getting back into the weight room so this will also be the perfect time to start transitioning into a weights routine. As bummed as I am, I know that this could always be worse and I can’t stress over something that I have no control over.

Sunday: 16 miles in the morning with the ladies at Oak Openings. We beat the rain which was so nice and we kept the pace very relaxed so that was nice. In the evening, I enjoyed a rainy but relaxing 6 mile double. Total: 22 miles

Monday: AKA “The Last Run”- The first 4 miles were fine and then something flared up in peroneal area. Of course I was stubborn and ran another 11 miles on it even though every step hurt.

Tuesday: I ellipticaled for 60 minutes after morning workouts and then I did another 60 minutes in the evening. I also did 10 minutes of core in the weight room and some light arms.

Wednesday: I ellipticalled for 60 minutes, attempted a 10 minute “test” run and then ellipticalled another 60 minutes in the evening after practice. Today I learned what coaches who don’t run with their team do during practice–they drink coffee, respond to emails and enjoy the weather (thank goodness it was nice today). I also decided that I like running with my team more than drinking coffee.

Thursday: Saw the doctor in the morning and then ellipticalled for 60 minutes. It stormed during practice so the team ran from Savage and I cross trained with Natalie since she wasn’t running. I did 15 minutes of core with the ladies and taught some new steeple drills (I did not demonstrate).

Friday: Ellipticalled for 65 minutes after morning workouts and then another 65 minutes in the afternoon. I watched the races at Stanford during the afternoon session which was very motivating despite almost falling off the elliptical during Petronella’s 1500m race (which was the fastest she has ever opened up a season, won her heat and ran the 4th fastest time in school history)!! I also decided to treat myself with a pedicure–I guess if I can’t run for a few weeks, my toes might as well look cute!

Saturday: Meet day at Cincinnati so we departed campus very early. I actually set an alarm at 4:30am so that I could cross train but I decided to sleep another hour instead. That was probably smart since I was on my feel ALL day and my leg was kind of achey.  I had a non-refundable plane ticket to DC for the Cherry Blossom so I flew out after the meet.

Sunday: This was an AMAZING day. Linh texted me on Saturday night and told me not to think about running or work for the day and just relax. I started the day off by having brunch with Will and then we went on a 2 hour bike ride to downtown DC. The weather was beautiful (which did make having to withdraw from Cherry Blossom even more sad) but it was nice to be a normal person today.


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  1. Heal quickly, Rue! Hopefully it’s just a reaction and by the time you *finally* can get the MRI, it’ll healed!

    1. This is hard to read considering you are still doing over 2 hrs of cardiovascular despite a stress reaction. I get the need to sweat but I do not think this is a post others should emulate while injured.

      1. Thanks for pointing it out. It’s an important point to make! Rue is generally training at a very advanced level. But it’s true for all runners that what’s right or reasonable for one runner might not be for someone else. So, yes, you’re correct! But, as with all of our training logs, it’s just an explanation of what each of us does, and not a recommendation of what others should be doing.

  2. Bummer, but you’re attitude is AMAZING! With your insane base 2-3 weeks is nothing and if anything I bet the rest will do you good. Enjoy the time off!