Rue’s Training Log: 3.19 – 3.25

Outdoor track is finally here and even though the week was hectic with lots of traveling (21 hours on a bus), it was great to get the season rolling!ย I left on Thursday morning for Raleigh Relays in NC so I knew that Thursday – Saturday I would have to be flexible with my training but I was feeling pretty motivated this week so that helped a lot. I had one workout planned for Wednesday and then the rest of the week was going to be just mileage since 21 hours on a bus over 3.5 days would be a killer along with coaching at a track meet for 2 long days.

Sunday: Ran with the UT women at the tow path for just about 2 hours. It was a stressful morning… I got pulled over for speeding (in my car, not running) for the first time EVER. The police officer seemed very confused when he asked where I was going and responded “a long run”. He was nice though and let me off with a warning ๐Ÿ™‚ After a glorious afternoon nap, I did a double at Wildwood by myself. Total: 22 miles (16/6)

Monday: Ran from my apartment to Savage, did a loop with Linh and then ran home. Took it conservative and felt decent. After work, I went for a run in Old Orchard neighborhoods which I’ve never really done before. It was nice to mix it up! Total: 21ย miles (14.5/6.5)

Tuesday: Ran with Paprika in the morning after I had 6:30am workouts at the track. Workouts went well so that always makes my Tuesday morning runs better. Time flew by with Paprika since we had a ton to talk about. In the afternoon after work, I went for another easy run with Linh. Total: 18.66 miles (12/6.66)

Wednesday: Workout day with Paprika!! The workout was 6 sets of 1.5 miles @5:50 pace and 0.5 mile jog recovery—it was amazing to have someone to workout with. Paprikaย and I just got in a groove and knocked it all out–after the first one, we just went through the mile of each set anywhere from 5:44-5:48. It felt so effortless and amazing. I wish she wouldn’t move to Denver ๐Ÿ™ I usually try to take in some caffeine before longer workouts like this so today I tried RunGum for the first time… it wasn’t too bad!! In the afternoon, I did an EASY double at Wildwood while the team had a medium aerobic run. Total: 23.4 miles (16.7/6.7)

Thursday: Started my run at 4:50am since our bus was leaving campus at 7am for Raleigh, NC. It was dark the entire time so I felt like I was running super fast for some reason. After a wonderful 10 hour bus ride, I ran another hour with the girls from our hotel. I actually felt better than I was expecting!! Total: 14.4 (6.4/8)

Friday: First event of the day is at 9:45am and the last event goes until 10:40pm tonight so I had to start my run early since it was going to be a LONG day at the track. Got up at 5:30ish and started my run around 5:50am–I ran 40 minutes by myself and then met up with Nina who was doing her 10 minutes shakeout at 6:30am. Total: 10 miles

Saturday: I took the team to the Great American Tobacco Trail for their long run. It was a beautiful morning to run and the trail was super nice. Two years ago we went to Umstead Park and that was way to hilly post-race. Shoutout to one of my freshmen who ran her longest long run ever, 15.2 miles!!! Total: 16.3 miles

Weekly Total: 126 miles

Long weekend at Raleigh Relays called for some good Noodles before heading home to the 419!



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