Rue’s Training Log 2.25.17

This past week was BUSY! I ran my first track race in 2.5 years on Saturday (2/18) and then it was the Mid-American Conference Indoor Championships on February 24-25 so I was traveling for a few days with the team (my real life job responsibilities).

I had a down week in mileage last week so I was focusing on rebuilding my mileage to about 110-120 miles; I always give myself a range when planning mileage since my job can be unpredictable when we are traveling.

Sunday 2/19: I ran with the team at the Tow Path—the women racing went easy, no faster than 7:00/mile, and the women not racing were doing a progressive long run. My hamstring was a bit sore from the race yesterday but other than that, my body felt pretty good. I ran with Natalie who had a 2 hours long run—we stayed pretty consistent during the first hour and then progressed down to 6:30s by the end. I got in 17.5 miles in the 2 hours—I was planning on doubling but I was pretty tired in the afternoon so I decided to skip it.

Monday 2/20: The weather was BEAUTIFUL in the morning and I met my boss Linh to run. I ran 4 miles before meeting him, 6 miles with Linh and then ran another 2 miles by myself. I averaged 7:25/mile. In the afternoon, I went out for a second run—I wanted to take advantage of the nice weather. My GPS doesn’t work well in the trails so I just ran for time (60 min—8 miles). 

Tuesday 2/21: I had morning workouts at 6:30am and then afternoon workouts at 4:15pm so I decided to long run from 1pm-3:30pm.  It was my longest run since the marathon in December—overall I felt pretty good but made sure to keep it chill.  I did 20 miles in 2:24—the first 14 miles I ran on my own and then Linh ran the last 6 miles with me.

Wednesday 2/22: 12.5 miles in the morning and the plan was to run another 10 miles in the afternoon with the ladies at practice.  However, I got to the afternoon run and felt very off.  I was fine through about 35-40 minutes but then I cut it short at 52 minutes.  I packed breakfast and lunch to eat at work and when I do that, I usually don’t eat enough throughout the day.  It has also been unseasonably warm and dehydration could have played a part in the off afternoon run. 

Thursday 2/23: Travel Day for MAC!! 
UFFDA. Today was mile breakdown day–which I’ve done a handful of times but it was made harder today by dropping the jog rest from 7:00/mile pace to 6:40/mile pace. Goals were as follows: 5:20 (6:40), 2:36 (3:20), 2:34 (6:40), 4×400 @ 76 w/90 standing rest (6:40), 4×400 @ 74 w/90 standing rest. The only thing I hit on pace was the rest…

5:27 (6:28), 2:42 (3:15), 2:41 (6:33), 4 @76 (6:25) 4@ 75-76

Friday 2/24: Ran from the hotel early in the morning before the meet.  Overall it was a solid run—took it pretty chill and didn’t wear my GPS on purpose.  Ran for 80 minutes so I’m calling it 10.7 miles.  I probably started at 7:50 and got down to about 7:10 pace.  Today was also Day 1 of the conference championships!!  We had a stellar performance in the 5k with two of our ladies crushing it to earn big team points.  I think they made me cry a little when they crossed the
finish line. 

Saturday 2/25: I actually slept in until 7:45am since the meet didn’t start very early. I logged 10 miles around the hotel. Didn’t take a GPS—just ran for time. 

Total Mileage: 114 miles

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