Roundup and Roundtable: March 5, 2018

Photo via Sandi Morris on Instagram.

If you were a tad disappointed by the ol’ US-of-A’s performance at the Winter Olympics, the IAAF Indoor Track World Championships should leave you yelling “‘Merica!” again. The U.S. brought home 18 medals — no other country earned more than five — including six golds.

Ladies’ gold medals included Kendra Harrison at the 60 meter hurdles (new championship record and tied the American record) and Courtney Okolo in the 400, plus Sandi Morris tying her personal best to win gold in the pole vault — probably my favorite moment of the meet, and I’m not much of a field girl.

In the distance events, Ajee Wilson set a new personal best to finish second in the 800. After solid performances in the semi-finals, both Shelby Houlihan and Colleen Quigley made it to the 1500 final. Houlihan finished fourth and Quigley ninth. The 3000 meter final was one of the first finals of the meet, with Houlihan finishing fifth and Katie Mackey in eighth.

Not a lot of other racing news to report, so on the marathon front, here’s a good piece from FloTrack — “Amy Cragg’s Massive PR Foreshadows Big Year For U.S. Women’s Marathoning.” Hells to the yes.

And, voting is open for this year’s design for the somewhat-coveted Peachtree Road Race shirt, which sets us up for a fun roundtable.

Let’s talk race shirts. What makes a good race tee? Who does the best ones? Have you gotten a really ridiculous one (we’re looking at you, every Turkey Trot)? Do you wear your shirt before the race? During the race? Immediately after the race?

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  1. I’m one of the people who feels like it’s bad juju to wear the shirt/jacket whatever before the race or during. Once I FINISH I will wear it but not before. I am a big fan of races that do long sleeve shirts!

  2. Too superstitious to wear the race shirt or buy merch until after finishing! But in terms of what makes a good shirt, I like any race shirt I can actually wear running (so either a tank top or long sleeve….not the dreaded boxy short sleeve) but would also be stoked to get a jacket or something unconventional (like a mug, cap, pint glass, cap.) If the race is handing out short sleeve shirts, I’d rather they be cotton so I can wear them casually or to sleep in because I have issues with short sleeved tech shirts.