Rosemary’s Training Log 7-22-12

Running is really starting to feel like part of the routine again. I never thought I’d enjoy the early AM run as much as I have the past week. I also was able to run with a few teammates this week which was wonderful. I also made plans to run with a friend after I saw her at the gym. She is a ray of sunshine and is also recovering from an injury. So, another week on the books and looking forward to the week ahead!

Enjoying a refreshing drink before brunch with two of my amazing teammates/friends.

Monday– 7 miles easy


AM- 5 miles easy

PM- Sunset yoga

Wednesday– 9 miles with 5 miles @ 8:00 pace. Ran 8:12, 7:47, 8:01, 7:40, 7:37. Felt good but not great.

Thursday– weight class and 20 minute swim.

Friday– 6 miles. So muggy. I dealt with it by running slower. My new coping mechanism. It also helps me to remember to enjoy every run.

Saturday– unplanned off. Why, you ask? Well, here’s the quick version of the story:

I walked head-first into a door at work on Friday in my “new” office (I’ve been there almost 2 months. Plenty of time to learn the placement of doors. One would think).  It hurt. Bad. For the rest of the day, everything felt off. Body aches, sore throat, headache. Yuck. I told myself it was a all from the head injury. But then I woke up Saturday and it was worse. Whether it was a cold virus or post-head smacking fog, I felt like garbage and decided to take the day off. One of the many things PF has taught me is to train smarter and be forgiving of my unplanned days off. Sh*t happens. People walk into doors. Right?

Sunday– 12 miles with 3 teammates. Gunk from Saturday showed signs of clearing and I felt much better after the run, which is a good sign that I made the right decision to go ahead with the run. Enjoyed a delightful brunch with the group afterwards. I am absolutely loving the trend of hosting brunch post-run! It helps me show my appreciation for my gracious and inspiring teammates as they help me along my comeback trail.

We all have these days, right? I can’t be the only one! Image from


I'm a pediatric physical therapist by day. Running mostly early am miles as I balance life as the mom of a toddler. With PR days in the past, my primary running goal is to be a lifelong runner. With 20+ years behind me, I still love the sport and I am truly grateful for every day I get to run.

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