Rosemary’s Training Log 12.2.12


Sun setting on Daytona Beach, FL.

This week, I was very fortunate to get half my runs in on the Atlantic shores in Daytona Beach, Florida. Paige and I spent the second half of the week at the USATF annual conference. I ran just under 60 miles and ran my first double in over a year. It’s hard to turn down a run on the beach!

Monday- 10 miles at MNR
Tuesday- 8.5 miles easy
Wednesday- 8.5 miles with 6×1 minute on/off. Ran with Paige and kept up with her for 4 of 6. Yay!
Thursday- 7 miles easy (in a sports bra and shorts) in Florida
Friday- 7 easy miles. I have tan lines!
Saturday- Easy 4 miles in the morning,ย easy 7 miles in the evening. Followed by a serindipitous run-in with….

I shared an elevator with ASHTON EATON! I managed to keep my calm and get a photo.

Sunday- Easy 7 miles to wrap up the week.




I'm a pediatric physical therapist by day. Building mileage up again as I work through a persistent case of plantar fasciitis. Darn PF has slowed my progress towards my running goals but has also made me grateful for every day that I am able to run.

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