Rosemary’s Training Log 11.25.12

Rainbow turkey for Thanksgiving decoration
Rainbow turkey for Thanksgiving decoration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I ran a lot of miles this week thanks to a few runs with friends and a Thanksgiving break. I am really starting to feel like my old runner self again and beginning to believe great things are ahead in 2013.

Monday- 8.5 miles at MNR. These runs seem to get quicker this time of year.

Tuesday- 11.5 miles with Paige.

Wednesday- 8 miles easy

Thursday- Uptown Pumpkin Dash 5k in Marysville in 18:14. Won a pie and Sketchers GoRun shoes. More hills/turns and less competitive than last week, so I was very pleased to run almost the exact same time. Split 5:50, 6:00, 5:45, 36 and I need to work on mile #2 of my 5k!

Friday- 11 miles easy Black Friday run. A little sore (mostly calves) from yesterday! Yay!

Saturday- 7 miles easy.

Sunday- easy 15 with Iceman on another new trail! Yay for exploration!

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I'm a pediatric physical therapist by day. Building mileage up again as I work through a persistent case of plantar fasciitis. Darn PF has slowed my progress towards my running goals but has also made me grateful for every day that I am able to run.

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