Reader’s Roundtable: What Are You Training For?

I'll just have to get a buzz off the memories of my best fall race last year, Image by
I’ll just have to get a buzz off the memories of my best fall race last year … and hearing about your upcoming adventures! Image from the Peace Race 10k by

Unless you’ve been regularly checking out my training logs, you might now know that after years of chasing PRs, I’m formally taking a break from training and racing. It might sound terrible, but it’s actually exactly what I need right now and I am enjoying my freedom from the grind of training.


But right now, as I type I feel the fall racing season heating up right before my eyes and … well … it’s keeling me a tiny bit not to be racing this year.

So do you know what I want to know about you? What are you training for right now?! Tell us what your fall A race and goal are. ย I would love to live vicariously through you and form a virtual cheer squad here at Salty Running! And who knows, maybe your race lines up with one of the Salty Bloggers or other readers and you might get some in-person cheers and support!

Salty Running boss and mother of 3 little ones with PRs of 3:10:15 (26.2), 1:25:59 (13.1) and 18:15 (5k). I love to write about running culture, mental training, and fitting in a serious running habit with the rest of a busy life.

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  1. I am training for the Columbus Full right now. I just ran my last 20 miler on Saturday and I felt FABULOUS!! I feel very ready. My A goal is 3:40, which I am hopeful that I can do. My B goal would be anything between that and 3:45. I would like to BQ again, as my last marathon was Boston 2013. After the 26.2, I would like to get back to my sub 21:00 5k times that I was hitting a couple years ago. My youngest will be one on October 20th and I have come really close to beating that 21:00 mark this summer, but have yet to get there with this round of postpartum time. I have a few trail races on my fall race list and with those, I would love to just place in the top three of my age group:).

  2. I have a few fall goals! Next weekend is a 10k. I think I have a small chance of breaking 37:00, but I’ll be very happy to run under 38:00.

    After that I’m running the Columbus Marathon! 3:05 is probably the goal.

    Then I’m going to try to find a couple fast (and legit) 5ks to get back under 18:00. I am so happy to be back from pregnancy/plantar fasciitis and thrilled to be running this well right now.

    1. So happy to hear things are coming together!!! Funny how letting go a little can really turn things around.

      Ugh! And yes, legit short races are hard to come by. I have no doubt you’ll find some and hit your goal!

  3. I hope to run the Portland Half Marathon next Sunday. Goal is 1:50 (my PR six years ago, the last time I ran this distance) with 1:52-1:55 decent (really I should focus on finishing and not worry about time given the last several half marathon scratches and chronic injuries!). I’m scheduled for Catalina Island trail 10k in mid-November (my son and husband are planning on full marathon).

    1. Focusing on non-numbers goals is way easier said than done ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good luck! Hope your week is low-stress and you arrive at the starting line feeling good!

  4. I am running the Columbus Half Marathon and my A goal will be to run under 1:28 and break that barrier. My B goal will be to run anything between 1:30 and 1:28. I’m running in honor of a little ‘Children’s Champion’ that I personally know (was sorority sisters with his mom in college) so hoping that gives me the extra mojo I need to break into the 1:27s!

  5. Looks like the Spice Rack is gettin’ after it! Good luck, ladies! (and hang in there, Salty!) A lot of us runners living down south tend to aim for mid-winter marathons instead of fall stuff, since it’s still so freaking hot down here. I’m all signed up for the Houston Marathon on January 17th (my 32nd birthday!) Hoping to go sub-3 for the first time. Fingers crossed!

  6. I have a 10k this weekend which I want to PR in, however my calf is telling me to go eff myself. I had planned on doing the Pistol Ultra 100 miler in January but IDK, if I do not do that race I am doing the Louisiana Marathon. I am shooting for a BQ before I die. LOL

  7. Last year’s goal was to BQ. This year’s goal is to BQ in a time fast enough that I’m not stressed about getting in. So, we’ll wait and see what happens with that… but likely I’ll be shooting for a mid-winter or early spring marathon with 3:35 goal. In the interim, I’d like to do 21:30 in a November 5k – would be a PR. I started slowly ramping up the miles about a month ago in preparation for all this, randomly got on the scale this morning and realized I have fallen into the “I’m running so much that I can eat dessert every day” trap so I have some moderation to learn in the meantime LOL!

  8. I’m training to be the best tech monkey Salty Running ever had! Thank god there’s a good CEO who has my back. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also I’m running New York City for the first time this year. I’m excited to be running my home course, but also nervous since it’s my fist time running two marathons in a year, and since my intense job has really shaken up my ability to train. Because of that nervousness, I’ve decided to have an A goal and a B goal.

    My B goal is to PR – to come in under 3:53:xx. If conditions are juuuust right and I’m feeling good, I think it could happen, or at least that I could come close!

    But my A goal this time around is to have fun with it. I’ve never run a marathon just for fun, and I think if I’m gonna do it, NYC is the right race! Not only does it have the advantage of being my running home, with tons of my friends to cheer and even some family too, it also has the advantage of its marathon fans having one of the best reputations in the US. If it turns out I’m just not feeling the race that day, I’m gonna “take it ease!” as they say and start dancing my way toward the finish line, no matter how long it takes. Heck, I can always sign up for Philadelphia if my time is REALLY bad!

    1. NYC is the one marathon I have run, and it was such a blast. I grew up there, and I thought it was such a cool way to travel through my home city. So glad you are running – have fun!

  9. I achieved my big race goal for the year and that was breaking 5:30 in the half ironman, which I did in June coming in at 5:21. I was hoping for an ironman PR at Boulder in August, but I had a horrible marathon, which I won’t get into. I still finished, though. My next BIG race that I want to do well at is Challenge Florida in November. It’s a half ironman in the same town where my parents live, so I’m tacking the race on with my visit. My next goal after that is the LA Marathon in Feb.

  10. St. George this weekend! A- sub 3:30, B- Sub 3:35, C- Finish and be able to walk the following day (Bryce Canyon and I have a date).

    Also, I am vaguely training for a 50 miler. I should probably select a race. Any good Spring suggestions? Preferably midwest, preferably during the day.

  11. I’m training for a small half marathon at the end of November, just as a small goal to focus on in addition to doing some 5ks and 10ks between now and the spring. My primary focus is on running by feel right now. Historically, this has been better for me mentally but also requires accepting that I may be slower at times. So far, it’s been going well and I am looking forward to seeing how it plays out in the half!

    1. Running by feel is nice, especially when you’re scared of what the garmin would tell you! It’s nice to pretend you’re going way faster than you actually are ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. My A-goal race is the NYC Marathon on November 1. Hoping to PR, which would be sub 3:38, or as a B goal PR the NYC Marthon course (sub 3:43).

  13. The goal: To make it to the time off period that follows Columbus without an injury. It would also be nice to make it through Columbus with some real racing experience and a time between 2:50 and 2:52.

  14. Fall marathon? What the heck is a fall marathon? It wont even drop below 88 consistently during the day here for another month, so we thrive on our early winter marathons (January/February) down here in Texas. And I’m running one of each! Yep – one in January, one in February. In my defense, I registered for the February one first, and then realized it was the January race I should really be doing. I’m hoping to break 4:00 in January (okay, I’m dreaming of a BQ but I’m just not training quite fast enough) and hoping to finish without doing too much damage in February, who cares if it takes 5 or 6 hours?