Readers’ Roundtable: Do You Shave Your Legs in Winter?

Do you shave consistently all winter long?
Do you shave consistently all winter long?

Boy oh boy, at 40º Fahrenheit, yesterday was just balmy here in the Big Apple!  So when it was time for me to hit the road, naturally I took off my pants without hesitation.  Shorts time!

I don’t think about it too much usually, but last week the Salty bloggers were chatting about our legs, so when I saw the forecast I made sure to bust out a fresh razor and give my gams a quick once-over.  But then as I was cruising down 5th Avenue in the afternoon I started thinking about how silly it was.  I mean first of all, who’s looking?  But more than that, why do I even care?  It’s February, it’s been so disgustingly cold that shorts haven’t been much of an option.  In fact, leaving the house without tights has been unthinkable most days.  Frankly if I happened to check out some chick’s legs and notice she was sporting a fur coat on her calves I’d be a little jealous at how warm she must be.

So I gotta ask you gals: do you bother keeping your legs shaven in the cold months?  What are we doing this for!?

As always, we’ll take your answers in the comments!

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  1. I shave nearly daily year-round. I do it for me – can’t stand when my legs & pits are prickly or hairy! Plus, if I get whisked away to some tropical local on a moments notice, I won’t need to shave first! 😉

  2. Depends on the winter! I think if I had the opportunity to go run in shorts right now, I wouldn’t waste that fleeting moment with a razor (but maybe a sickle …)

      1. Confession – the sickle is no longer necessary. With dark hair and light skin, laser hair removal has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I can get away with shaving a LOT less frequently, no matter the season (i.e., level of fastidiousness) – at this point, I’m just taking down the stragglers.

  3. I don’t know why, but I feel FASTER with smooth legs…so, I find that the more seriously I’m training, the more often I feel compelled to shave. We moved down south 3 years ago and *truly* cold weather is rare/short-lived. I wear shorts and shave way more now than I did when we lived in Montana. I was basically Sasquatch from September to May up there!

  4. In the winter, I’m more of a once-a-month gal when it comes to shaving my legs. I have light hair and fair skin, so even if I let it go a couple of weeks, it’s hard to see. Still, as a triathlete, I swim at least once a week, so I feel shaving is something that not only helps with my speed (which is ridiculous because I’m still really slow), but is also a courtesy to all of the other people who have to swim with me.

  5. Not only am I very sweaty but I am also very hairy. Sexy, right? Ha, I shave every other day no matter what the season. I also recently started shaving my arms. I was told in the past to never do so but my hair stylist gave me the go ahead as she does, too. I had complimented her on how nice it looked and she reassured me that stubble isn’t a problem. I like the feel of shaved skin. For what it’s worth though, I was late to the game. I graduated 8th grade with hairy legs and I remember being teased back then. Oh well. That first shave was mighty painful!

  6. I swear I used to shave every time I showered. EVERY. TIME. On the day I gave birth all three times, my legs were smooth and my midwives always commented on how impressive it was. Ha! But after this third kid, getting in a shower means I come out to some calamity so I now minimize shower time and don’t. I only shave if the kids are supervised when I shower, which is rarely because when the kids are supervised, you better believe I’d rather be running than showering!

  7. I’m with Jen and Ginger – I keep up the shaving/waxing throughout the winter months. Mine honestly has nothing to do with speed or being outside, I simply prefer it. My other issue is the “itchy legs” factor. My skin gets very dry in the winter, and when I combine unshaven/hairy legs with dry skin and try to get them in any kind of pants or tights, I feel as if red ants are attacking me all day. Pure misery.

  8. I do BodyPump once a week, as well as a core class once a week. And lately I’ve been hitting the treadmill due to sub-zero windchills. Because of all of these reasons, I shave every 2-3 days. I have super light leg hair, but I hate feeling prickly!

  9. I’m an everyday shaver, no matter the season. Like the first poster, I do it for me, I just prefer the way it feels. Perhaps oddly, and def TMI, I don’t feel that way about my lady parts and it is au natural there!

  10. Haven’t shaved my legs in over 6 years… I wax. It’s not so bad after the first few times. You do have to be prepared when you are dating and in between waxings because that may lead to some questions, but in my experience, it was never an issue. I do have time my leg waxings before races too, which can also get a little crazy.

    My legs are usually every 4 weeks; arms every 3-4 months, and other areas as needed, but more often in the warmer winter months. My armpit hair is virtually non-existent now, so that’s just whenever. TMI: yes, I wax everywhere! I will never shave again!

  11. I wax too, and smooth legs are pretty much mandatory in South Africa considering the heat. If it is getting close to waxing time and i am getting hairy and scary I bust out the compression socks to disguise the damage. oddly I always feel like my legs look thinner and more shapely when they are fuzz free… maybe I am delusional!