Readers Roundtable: Do You Selfie?

Selfie with my Sunday morning running buddies.
My most recent #runnerselfie

From 2011-2013, I ran many hundreds of miles with the ladies in this selfie. Our lives have changed a lot since then; between the three of us we’ve changed jobs, had babies, took up new hobbies, and moved away.  We haven’t run much together since then. My memories of the miles we shared together during those two years are so happy, but I have almost no photos of us together! So when we got back together last weekend for a trot, I wanted to snap this selfie to remember it.

In taking that selfie and posting it on social media, I joined legions of other runners who post thousands of #runnerselfies every day, of which there are many types: post-run glowing facesthe watch shot; running buddies (human and canine); the shoe shottreadmill action shotspost-run donuts; and even mid-stride snaps (those are my favorite). I’ve taken my share of selfies to commemorate everything from completion of a killer treadmill workout to stroller runs with JB, and even bloody wounds from spectacular falls.

The selfie is an important part of the run ritual for many people, though others are too serious about their training and don’t have time for such frivolity.

So tell me: Do you selfie? If so, what moments do you commemorate? If not, why?

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I'm a 20-year veteran of competitive running, USATF certified coach, mom of a toddler -- and still trying to set PRs. I write about training from 5k to marathon, motherhood and competitive running, and the elite side of the sport. The 5k is my favorite race (16:56 PR) but I've got a score to settle with the marathon.

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  1. Of course. When you are out there in the rapeseed fields of iepwr at 6am who else is going to take the picture? When you are out there with friends who do you not want in your picture?

    1. Good points! I wish I had photos of many of the runs I did when I traveled more — but that was before smartphones.

  2. I selfie about one out of every 30 runs and that’s usually just so I have a photo for my log 🙂 Oh and is that Rosemary that I see?! So nice to see her back on the pages of SR!

  3. I did a runnerselfie last week to shame…I mean motivate… a group of runners who weren’t willing to braved the cold for our bi-weekly run.

  4. Do I run selfie? Do I ever! My run bestie and I always snap a post-run selfie because “selfie or it didn’t happen!” I think it’s fun to look back at some of the memorable runs I’ve had- both solo and with friends. Some may think it’s vain and silly, but I think it adds an element of fun to my running. Plus it’s not uncommon to selfie at other activities you might do with friends (parties, etc), and running is one of my main social activities. Selfie on, my friends!

  5. Almost never. I’m having trouble wrapping my head around the “why not” part off the question; I’m still stuck on “why should I?”

    No judgment, I just sincerely don’t get why this is a thing, and why it’s a thing I’d want to participate in.

    1. I guess I can only answer for myself – for me, it helps preserve the memory of an especially good time, an especially badass workout, or a beautiful scenery. I’m definitely not one to photograph the boring runs and I only share a handful of the good ones on social media.

  6. I’m not a selfie all the time person, but there is for sure a time and a place to in my opinion! Sometimes a new location, great scenery, something weird you find on a run ( like a giant field of corn statutes), a 5 am run through Christmas lights, frozen hair, accidentally matching outfits 3 early runs in a row with my guy friend who is 20 years older than me (so it’s not like we buy the same clothes), my family’s annual holiday runs, a run with people I haven’t seen in a long time, a great race, a crappy race, or even this morning I sent a selfie of me on my treadmill to my running friends who were also running on their treadmills because it served as accountability and because I looked terrible and thought my friends could use a laugh. I love to have fun with my runs and taking a silly picture with my friends or myself can be a great way to capture a great memory.

  7. I don’t usually run with my phone, so the run selfies are very infrequent. When I do take them, it’s always to document a group outing and I outsource them to the person with the longest arms : )