Raspberry’s Training Log 6.18.17

I was listening to a recent pop culture podcast, and the host asked, “How has 2017 been for you?” to which a co-host responded, “2017, for me, was like you’re at the start of a race, on your mark, get set, like you’re about to run in the Olympics or something, and you get that first burst of energy and you slip immediately and you crash to the ground, there is gravel in your eye, and you’re bleeding.”

Yeah, me too.

Freak accidents and injury put me in a bad mental place, and I’ve decided to withdraw from my 100k in August. I don’t want to spend my summer stressed and burnt out. At the moment, I’m not running much at all, and I’m staying away from any major race goals until I feel like myself again. I’m considering a half marathon in the fall and I’m running the Napa Valley Marathon in March (but I’ve yet to pick any time goals). No ultras are on the horizon though. This might change, but I just don’t feel like spending my entire weekends on the trails right now.

This was my first week of summer vacation, so it’s fitting for my first training log in a few months. I’m hopeful things will only improveย from here:

Moved into my new classroom this week, and it looks out over my favorite running trails!

Monday – rest

Tuesday – Stretch & Balance work; 5.2 miles at the track, 6 x 600 repeats with 200 recovery.

Wednesday – 5.7 miles easy.

Thursday – 3.5 miles easy.

Friday – 9.1 solo trail miles.

Saturday & Sunday – visiting family on the coast; no running.

Total: 23.7 miles

A teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area who loves trail running, backpacking and cycling. Having grown up in the Sierra Nevada foothills, I secretly aspire to run Western States 100 someday. Realizing it might not be as crazy as it sounds (maybe it is), I am currently training for my next ultra.

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