QUIZ: Which Obscure Olympic Event is Right for You?

Canoe Slolem
When was the last time you were glued to a canoe slolem race?

The much-awaited track and field events kick-off today, including the Women’s 10,000 meter finals, but we don’t need running at the Games to get inspired. From the powerful awe-inspiring gymnasts, to the constant world-record breaking swimmers (what’s up with that?), from the audacious soccer stars to the favorite of the Ancient Greeks, beach volleyball players, we as runners can learn athletes of all kinds.

However, despite what the NBC primetime schedule would have us believe, there are more than a handful of these other Olympic events taking place each day, and competing in each of these are unsung athletes who can inspire us just as much as Simone Biles and Katie Ledecky. Sure, it’s fun to picture ourselves hurtling over a vault at death-defying speed or gliding through the water on our way to another world record, but who among us dreams to take up something like fencing or table tennis? Maybe the épée or the maddening starts and stops of ping pong aren’t right for you. Like the special snowflakes we are, we’re not all suited to the same obscure Olympic events. Don’t worry, we can help you pick the right event as the backdrop for your gold medal fantasy.

Behold: Which Obscure Olympic Event is for You?

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