Pumpkin’s Training Log 11.29.15

Happy Monday!  The past week has been busy with Thanksgiving and the beginning of the holiday madness.  Miraculously, I was able to fit in a workout every day except Thanksgiving!  Normally I love a good Thanksgiving morning workout, but this year we went out of town for the day.  My goals for fitness/ running right now are just maintaining my fitness levels over the holidays, and avoid any big weight gain.  I tend to eat ALL the delicious foods during this time of the year, so I have to make sure I’m at least consistent with working out.  I have been keeping a lot of variety in my workouts, but they have been heavy on cardio, low on strength training.  I plan to focus on adding in at least two strength workouts this coming week to get a better balance.

Here’s how last week looked!

Monday 11.23

Spin class.  A really hard workout this morning with a LOT of sprints!

50 minutes/ 21.6 miles


Tuesday 11.24

Hill training on the parking ramps.  It felt especially tough this morning.  Great run!

4.11 miles/ 41:35 minutes/ 10:07 pace


Wednesday 11.25

Just enough time to do a quick spin class this morning.

36 minutes/ 15 miles


Thursday 11.26

Eat my weight in stuffing.  Pass out.  Watch football.  Repeat.


Friday 11.27

Elliptical workout after work

46 minutes/ 4.51 miles


Saturday 11.28

Another elliptical workout today.  EVERY treadmill was in use at the Y.  I didn’t make it to the gym till 9am, so I had to take what was available.  Let’s be honest, I watch a lot of Netflix while I use the elliptical, so I really didn’t mind 🙂

1 hour/ 9.59 miles


Sunday 11.29

We have been having a REALLY gorgeous Fall.  Usually by this time of the year, we have subzero temps and snow.  On Sunday morning, I awoke to almost 30 degrees and NO wind.  I have been doing a lot of my outdoor runs with friends over the past few months, so I enjoyed just listening to music and running solo today!

5.34 miles/ 52:40/ 9:52 pace



I'm a college mental health counselor, runner, cyclist, wife, and mom to two strong-willed children. I started running in 2011 after the birth of my last child after years of love-hate relationships with fitness. My favorite distance is the half marathon, but I love the challenge of tackling the marathon. My biggest challenge is the mental aspect of racing, but my greatest strength is I'm stubborn and never give up! I'm a free spirit, an open book, and try to be authentic both in real life as well as in my internet life. Running has given me a place to face my fears, chase goals, and stay humble. Side note: I love cats and coffee and tacos.

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