Poppy’s training log – mid January to mid February

What has two thumbs and is terrible at keeping an updated training log?  This gal!  The last time I posted a training log update I was nursing a minor strain to my soleus and unsure whether or not I’d be racing my mid-winter goal race of the Houston 1/2 Marathon.  If you have read my race recap, then you know I ended up racing the half AND had no calf problems whatsoever.  Wa-hoo.  Since the half, I took a week of active down time.  I didn’t bother with any complete days off as I had taken three days off during the calf issue and then didn’t run much between New Year’s and the half due to combo of sickness, calf strain, and tapering.  After my active down time I started ramping my mileage up a bit.  I hopped in a local 5k and started back with some workouts at the beginning of February.  My next goal races aren’t until April (a couple of local 1/2 marathons and a track race at the Bucknell Bison Outdoor Classic, distance undetermined at this point).  Below is what I’ve been up to:

week of 1/9-1/15/17

This was the week of the Houston 1/2 Marathon.  At the beginning of the week I still wasn’t sure if I’d be able to race or not.  I had an appointment with an ortho, who happens to also be a runner, and got the all-clear from him on Monday morning.  I did a light workout on Tuesday and it went well, both from the stand point of my calf (felt nothing) and fitness (didn’t feel like I lost anything with the days off and reduced mileage to heal the calf).  After that, the rest of the week was a bunch of short, easy runs up until race day.

Monday: 4 miles in the morning, 6 in  the afternoon w/ 8x20sec strides.

Tuesday: 10 miles w/ workout. Plan was 3 x 1 mile at 6:10, 6:05, 6:00 w/ 60 sec  jog rest.  Ran 6:03 (53r), 5:56 (55r), 5:51.

Wednesday: 8 miles on a skating rink (it rained overnight and then froze, so this run was super stressful).

Thursday: 6 miles in the morning, 4 in the afternoon.

Friday: 6 miles.

Saturday: 4 miles in the morning w/ the hubs in Sterling, VA.  My sister-in-law lives right by Dulles airport, which I flew out of to go to Houston. She watched the kids so I could get in a hot running date w/ my main man.  Did 4×20 sec strides at the end.  Did another 2 miles upon arriving in Houston to shake out the travel from the legs.  It felt humid.

Sunday: 18.5 miles w/ half marathon in 1:20:08 in warm and humid conditions.   Ran most of my warm up and cool down miles w/ Lauren Philbrook.  Nice to have a running buddy for that.

68.5 miles for the week

week of 1/16-1/22/17

This was my active down time week, so didn’t run much.  I enjoyed the lighter week.

Monday: 4 slooow miles in Houston before heading home.  Still so humid.

Tuesday:  5 miles w/ my daughter in the single.

Wednesday: 6 miles w/ both kids in the double.

Thursday: 8 miles w/ E in the single.

Friday: 8 gloomy miles.

Saturday: 4 miles.

Sunday: 11 miles, first ~3.5 and last 3.5 w/ the hubs and kids (hubs pushed the double the whole time).

46 miles for the week

week of 1/23-1/29/17

Ran a little more this week and got in a great long run w/ most of the NYC contingent of Team T-bone at the end of the week (took the kids to visit the city for the weekend).

Monday: 6 miles w/ the kids in the double, 4 solo in the afternoon.

Tuesday: 8 solo miles in the morning, 4 w/ E in the single in the afternoon.

Wednesday: 6 miles in the morning w/ the kids in the double, 4 miles w/ E in the single in the afternoon.

Thursday: 10 miles w/ the kids in the double.  Got about 3 miles in solo on the track at Bucknell while the kids played on the infield.

Friday: 8 solo miles in the morning, 4 solo in the afternoon.

Saturday: 6 evening miles in Central Park.  Drove to NYC this morning and spent most of the afternoon at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan and then the evening in Rockefeller Center and Times Square.  The kids had a blast!

Fun times in Rockefeller Center (someone was excited about a trip to the Lego Store).


Sunday: 17 mile long run w/ a group of friends in Central Park.  So nice to have company like that for a long run.

77 miles for the week

I did a long run around Central Park, while my little guy climbed the rocks there.


week of 1/30-2/5/17

This week I did one light workout and then a 5k that was part of my town’s Ice Festival.  It felt good to get back into some faster running and I found myself at a pretty good starting point for training for my spring races.

Monday: 4 miles in the morning (after dropping car off for inspection), another 4 miles in the afternoon (to pick car up after inspection).

Tuesday: 8 miles in the morning and then an afternoon of playing with the kids in the snow as we got a few inches throughout the morning and afternoon.

Wednesday: 12 miles w/ light workout.  Planned to do a local 5k on Saturday, so figured I should do some turnover before then.  Did 12×200 on the indoor track.  The goal was to run 5k effort for the first 8 and as long as I stuck to that, I could pick it up for the last 4.  Ran 41-42 for the first 8 and then 40, 38, 38, 37 for the last 4.  My jog recoveries were all around 1:20-1:25.  Did a 4 mile shakeout run w/ E in the single in the afternoon.

Thursday: 8 miles in the morning w/ the kids in the double.  4 miles w/ E in the single in the afternoon.

Friday: 4 miles in the morning, 4 more in the afternoon.

Saturday: 10 miles in the morning w/ a 5k race in 17:49 (and overall female winner).  It was about 22 degrees, but I felt sooo much better than when I raced in the humidity in Houston three weeks before.  Felt good and had fun.  Did a 5 mile shakeout in afternoon – a family run down to the grocery store to get donuts for breakfast the next morning.

Sunday: 11 miles, the middle 6 w/ several members of the women’s Bucknell T&F distance crew.  Nice run w/ the youngin’s.

78 miles for the week

week of 2/6-2/12/17

Back to business this week.  After the 5k, we had a decent idea of where I was fitness-wise and what our starting point was for workouts.

Monday: 6 in the morning w/ the kids in the double, 4 miles in the afternoon w/ E in the single.

Tuesday: 8 miles in the morning w/ the kids in the double, 4 miles in the afternoon w/ E in the single.  8x20sec strides during afternoon run.

Wednesday:  13 miles w/ workout.  Plan was a ~5 mile tempo on a neighborhood loop at current half marathon effort, followed by a few minutes of easy running and then a mile of 30 seconds on/30 seconds off.  Ended up running the tempo at 5:59 average, with pretty even and consistent lap splits, then the 30/30 mile came out to 6:10 pace.

Thursday: 10 miles in the afternoon after playing in the snow w/ the kids (another storm and another snow day for the little guy).

Friday: 4 miles in the morning, another 4 in the afternoon.

Saturday: 12 miles w/ 30 minutes of hills on the Bucknell campus.

Sunday: 14 solo miles.

79 miles for the week

I am going to do my best to not get this behind on my log again.

I'm a licensed massage therapist with a background in biochemistry and also a mother of two. After almost two years of focusing on shorter race distances, I am back on the marathon training horse. My next goal race is the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. I write mostly about health and science as they relate to running as well as being part of a running family.

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    1. Oh, that would be so fun. My kids would love running next to other kids in a jogging stroller. We’d have plenty of room on the rail trail here to accommodate the two of us and our strollers. Speaking of jogging strollers, are you venturing into the world of triple strollers now?

  1. How do you work in strides with the stroller? Do you do strides while parking the stroller or do you do them with the stroller? Was always a conundrum for me!

    1. If I am running w/ both kids/the double, I will do them on the track while they are playing on the infield. If I do them w/ the single then I wait until I’m either running on a flat or slightly downhill stretch and if it’s windy (like it was last week) I will make sure to do them w/ the wind at my back to offset running w/ the resistance of the stroller. I push the stroller w/ one hand and make sure to alternate every few steps what hand I’m pushing w/. I have found that I can maintain a pretty normal stride while running faster w/ the single. I don’t know that I could do a long stretch of fast running while pushing it, but for 20 seconds at a time it’s not too bad.

  2. You are a stud! Love the split run to drop off/pick up the car. I’m with you — I’d rather race a 5k in 22* than a warm and humid half any day. I had a 4 miler last week and it was 50 and humid — first time I’ve ever said a February race could’ve been cooler!