Poppy’s training log – 7.31.16

Another week of mileage and workouts, but the highlight of the week was definitely Salty Camp.   I had a blast meeting some of the other Saltines and hanging out in swampy, scenic Ohio.   I think I got in some extra core work with all of the laughing I did over the course of the weekend.  It was great getting in some miles with a few of the other ladies of Salty Running.   Good times!

This is how I felt about Salty Camp.

Monday: 8 miles in the morning w/ the kids in the double, 4 miles solo in the afternoon.  Did 6x20sec strides in the middle.

Tuesday: 6 miles in the morning w/ the kids AND the hubs.  Woot!  Did 5×20 sec strides near the end.  4 miles solo in the afternoon.

Wednesday: 14 miles w/ workout.  Plan was 4k-3k-2k-1k w/ 400 jog in between. 4k was to be @ 6:05-6:00 pace, 3k @ 5:55-6:00, 2k @ 5:50-5:55, and 1k could be as fast as last week’s final k.

Weather was a little more humid than last week, but still much better than what I’ve been running in the past several days (63 degrees, DP 63 to start and 71 degrees, DP 68 to finish). I noticed the humidity most when running easy. And a few times during the last intervals when sweat was flying off my arms and hands every time I swung my arms.

It was hopping at the track this morning. the hubs and the kids showed up toward the end of my 4k and some Bucknell runners showed up right before I started my workout to do a workout of their own. I think having the Bucknell gals there got me a little excited and played a part in me running a tad faster than I was supposed to. Generally, the fastness of any interval came from the later laps as I was typically on pace through the 1600.   For the most part, this workout felt good and comparable to last week. My legs felt a little tired in the final 1k and I’m assuming that was just a cumulative effect of the entire workout (which, by the way, felt longer than I anticipated).

Up 35:15 (w/ 6x100m strides), down 27:00
14:57.27 [6:01/5:58/2:58] (2:08r)
10:55.44 [5:53/5:02..accidentally closed in 85] (2:13r)
7:10.13 [5:45/85] (2:18r*)
*Conrad ran ~200m of this rest interval with me. It was great.
43:12 for 11.2k total (6:12avg)

Thursday: 8 miles w/ the kids in the double.  Realllly slow.

Friday: 12 miles w/ hill workout.  Was in Altoona (stopping point along the way to Salty Camp), so hubs had me run a very hilly loop and work the uphills.  In total, there were 12 hills and they ranged anywhere from 30 seconds to 3:30.  Felt good.  Got in the car shortly after this and drove to Ohio to meet the Salty gang.  I think I rocked everyone’s world when I told them I don’t and have never worn a garmin or GPS watch.  Went for a walk in the pm w/ Cinnamon, Pumpkin, Barley, and Pesto to Brandywine Falls.

Brandywine Falls, where you can be feasted on by 1,000 mosquitoes.

Saturday: 8 miles in the morning w/ Oregano, and Pimento for ~6.  4 miles in the evening solo.

Sunday: 18 miles, 11 of it w/ Oregano and Pimento also joined us for the first few miles.  So great to run w/ these ladies.  I definitely missed their company when I was flying solo in the bogginess of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  I think I wrung out about 5 lbs of sweat after this run.  Ewwwwwww.

86 miles for the week

I'm a licensed massage therapist with a background in biochemistry and also a mother of two. After almost two years of focusing on shorter race distances, I am back on the marathon training horse. My next goal race is the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. I write mostly about health and science as they relate to running as well as being part of a running family.

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    1. Ha ha, sorry. The main volume of the workout I do in kilometers/meters, but the overall total with warm up and cool down I put down in miles. Hopefully my log still makes sense though. 😉 We should all just convert to the metric system, in my opinion.

    1. Indeed. Want to move to Pennsylvania and be my training partner on the regular? Lots of poor man’s altitude here.

  1. I totally agree that all of the laughing we did created extra core workouts! I wish you were closer so you could kick my psoas more, and well so I could chase you around running from time to time!

    1. Well, at least there’s a chance of the two of us crossing paths in a NY or PA race. If nothing else, we’ll probably see each other in Philly in November. Keep me posted if you end up deciding to do the marathon there.