Poppy’s training log – 7.24.16

I got in another solid week of training with mileage, a track workout, and a long uptempo run.  The highlight of the week was spending Saturday and Sunday visiting my best friend from college and her family in New Jersey.  I took the kids with me and they had a blast (my friend’s sons are 7 and 5 years old).  While it was pretty hot and humid again this week, I lucked out in that the one morning where the temperature and dew point were in the 50s was my workout on Wednesday.  Woo-hoo!  It felt glorious.  Truth be told though, I don’t totally mind training in this heat and humidity.  I feel like it makes me a little tougher if I put in a summer of training in less than ideal weather conditions.

Monday: 6 in the morning w/ the kids in the double, 5 solo in the afternoon.

Tuesday: 12 solo miles in the morning w/ 8x20sec strides.

Wednesday: 13 miles w/ workout.  Workout plan was 8-10 x 800 @ 2:56 w/ 200 jog recovery. Option to make the 10th one a full 1k.  I felt really good on this and I’m sure that was largely due to the nice weather.

Up 34:07 (w/ 6x100m strides), down 25:04
2:53.94 (59r)
2:56.65 (58r)
2:55.16 (58r)
2:54.68 (59r)
2:53.55 (56r)
2:54.18 (57r)
2:53.99 (57r)
2:53.07 (55r)
2:52.67 (58r)
3:31.77 1k

38:18 for the full 10k (6:09.8/mi avg)

Thursday: 6 in the morning w/ the kids, 4 in the afternoon solo.

Dealt with this in between my two runs on Thursday. Our water line broke and started flooding the street. Yippee!

Friday: 9 miles in the morning.  Family run to Bucknell!  The hubs pushed the kids the whole time, minus the ~2 miles we got in on the track together while the kids played on the infield.  Did 8x100m strides while at the track.  4 miles solo in the afternoon.

Saturday: 17 miles w/ 12 miles of steady state.  Temp was 73-85 and DP 70-73 during the two hours I was out for my run. Given the conditions, husband-coach set forth a few rules for today’s run:
1. Two hour run w/ 10-12 miles of steady state. The weather-adjusted pace for SS today was 6:50, but if I went faster it was to be no faster than 6:40.
2. If more than two miles were faster than 6:40, I was done at 10 miles of SS.
3. If not more than two miles were faster than 6:40, then I could run up to 12 miles of SS and the last two miles could be faster.

It was noticeably uncomfortable from the minute I started, but did my best not to think about the weather. I lucked out in that there was a light west breeze. I did this all on the rail trail, so that meant the first half of the run had the redeeming quality of the breeze to somewhat cool me off.  Took a GU 7.5 miles into the steady state.  Could tell that once I turned and headed east (w/ wind at back) that I was heating up and sweating more. Wanted to makes sure I didn’t completely deplete myself of salts and such.  Despite weather, felt pretty good and the second half of the run flew by.

Easy 25:14 up, 17:00 down
SS splits:
6:35 (strike 1)
6:36 (strike 2)
6:39 (Thought this was strike 3, but oooooh it’s actually a 6:40 w/ rounding up b/c it’s 6:39.71…I didn’t fail after all!)

Drove down to Titusville, NJ not long after getting done with this.

Fun with friends in NJ.


Sunday: 6 miles w/ Emmy in the single, in New Jersey.

82 miles for the week

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