Poppy’s training log – 6.12.16

Another pretty easy week, with the exception of doing a mile road race on Thursday night!  I did the race off of very little speed work (I think the last real workout I did, not counting 200s, was before Broad Street) and only a handful of strides over the past 2-3 weeks.  It went better than I expected and it was a lot of fun as they had activities for the whole family.  I’m slowly building back into things.  My next big goal race is the Rock n Roll Philadelphia 1/2 marathon in September, so I will start gearing towards that in the coming weeks.   I’m hoping to add in a few shorter races between now and September, but still working on that.

Monday: 6 miles in the morning, ~2 miles w/ Rob and Jenna (local runners affiliated w/ the Bucknell team).  8×20 sec strides at the end.  4 miles solo in the afternoon.

Tuesday: 4 miles early in the morning before making the drive down to Lancaster for a massage continuing ed class.  Another 4 miles over my lunch break from class.

Wednesday: 8 rainy miles w/ the kids in the double.  Went to Bucknell and let them splash in puddles while I did 8x100m strides on the track.  Then we headed homeward, stopping at the Farmer’s Market again for pretzels (like last week) and whoopie pies.

Fun in the rain while mom does strides. Are you sick of seeing pics of my kids yet?

Thursday: 4 very easy shakeout miles in the morning w/ the kids in the double.  8 miles in the evening w/ ~5 mile warm up, 1 mile road race, and 2 mile cool down.  Ran the mile in 5:16.60, faster than I anticipated.  The mile race was a local event put on by a high school XC and track team and the proceeds went to the family of a little boy with a brain tumor.  I like when I am able to participate in the local road races here and especially when they are for a good cause.  Thursday is one of the two nights during the week that I don’t work, so I was psyched it worked out to do this.  The hubs had been in Baltimore for a work conference since Tuesday evening and he got home about 15 minutes before we left for the race, so it was nice to be able to something with the whole family after being apart for a couple of days.  They had a ton of activities for the kids and we lucked out with a really nice night – the heat (it had been in the mid to upper 80s for most of the past week) and humidity finally broke and it was only 70 degrees during race time.   For the race, they broke it up into four heats: fun run, ages 29 and under, ages 30 and over (I was in this heat), and a team challenge.  I ended up winning my heat, kicking down a dude in the last quarter mile, and finished as 1st female and 4th overall when they added all the heats together (the three in front of me were all guys aged 19-21).   It was a ton of fun, even though it hurt like hell.  For whatever reason, I really like road miles.  This is the fourth one I’ve done.  I think I like the stark contrast to marathoning, which is usually my jam.

Friday: single, super slow and easy 10 w/ the kids in the double.  Did the usual run over to Bucknell and let the kids play on the infield while I got several miles in on the track.  They took their socks and shoes off and had a blast running barefoot in the astroturf.

Saturday: another really easy run, 8 miles w/ E in the single.  Legs felt more sore and tired today, delayed onset from the mile on Thursday night, I suppose.

Sunday: 12 miles, the first 9ish w/ the hubs, woot!  We were at a Bucknell alum party in York yesterday and drove up to my mom’s this morning.  The hubs is about to embark on another week-long Boston work trip so this was the first of many upcoming runs at my mom’s.  The hubs wasn’t planning to run that much, but was really glad he decided to go longer as we got more time together.   There’s a great rail trail near my mom’s (Pennsylvania is full of them!) and so I think the route + the weather (another 70 degree, low humidity evening) + the company enticed him to extend his run by a few miles.  Felt good, much better than the past two days.

68 miles for the week.



I'm a licensed massage therapist with a background in biochemistry and also a mother of two. After almost two years of focusing on shorter race distances, I am back on the marathon training horse. My next goal race is the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. I write mostly about health and science as they relate to running as well as being part of a running family.

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, I don’t know why but I really do like racing road miles. I guess part of it is knowing it’s roughly only five minutes of hurting and then it’s over. I don’t have a lot of leg speed to begin with so doing these kind of races is also good for getting out of my comfort zone and mixing things up.