Poppy’s Training Log – 5.22.16

I started this week thinking I’d do a few more light workouts and get in another good week of mileage.  However, by midweek I came to the realization that I’m still feeling pretty beat, presumably from my condensed racing schedule in mid April to early May.  So, husband-coach and I came to the decision that I’m going to do an active down time for the next couple of weeks – drop the mileage down and no workouts.  I’m on board with that because my body just feels like it needs a little more time to take it easy before ramping up structured training again.

The highlight of the week was non-running related as my husband and I made the trek to NYC to see our favorite band, Wolf Parade  at the Bowery Ballroom.  I may love music more than I love running and I really enjoyed the trip and the show.  This was the first concert the hubs and I went to together since Conrad was three months old (he is now almost four years old).  We love Wolf Parade so much that we even incorporated them into our wedding, using this song for our entrance to our reception.  So yeah, music was the highlight of the week.  Running was ok.  While I felt pretty draggy and mehhh on most of my runs, I did get in a lot of miles with the kids and that was just great.

Monday: 8 miles in the morning w/ the double jogger.  Emmy and I ran Conrad to preschool, so I had both kids for the first three miles, and then just E for the latter five (we tacked on a few extra miles around the Bucknell campus).  It was very windy and E and I had a very strong headwind for the three miles home.  Oof!  I also ran 3 miles in the evening w/ the whole family.  The kids and I ran to one of the parks in town.  The hubs ran another few miles back home to the get car and then came and picked us up later so we could all grab dinner downtown (a rare treat).

Tuesday: 10 miles, mostly w/ both kids in the double.  We ran over to the Bucknell track.  I let Conrad out to play on the infield and ran two miles on the track w/ Emmy.  Then E wanted out too, so I let her play with her brother while I did another few laps on the track.  Fun was had by all.

Girlfriend practicing her hurdle drills while mommy gets some running in.

Wednesday: 8 miles, first ~3 solo and the last 5 w/ E in the single.  Did 8x20sec strides on this.  4 miles solo in the afternoon.

Thursday:  11 miles w/ light workout of 16×200 w/ 200 jog recovery.  All of the 200s were right around 41 and the rest 200s around 56.  I did not feel that good doing these.  Felt like I was forcing my legs to move in a way they did not want to.  Decided after this to take it easy the next week and a half.  Wolf Parade show in the evening.

Friday: 6 miles, first 3 w/ Conrad in the single.  Ran him down to another park (different one from Monday night), where I dropped him off w/ his dad and sis and then I ran another 3 miles solo before joining the gang at the playground.

Saturday:  8 solo

Sunday: 8 w/ Emmy.  Finally starting to feel like my legs are coming back to me.  This was the first time I felt really good on a run this whole week.  Hopefully things will be on the up and up from here.

66 miles for the week

I'm a licensed massage therapist with a background in biochemistry and also a mother of two. After almost two years of focusing on shorter race distances, I am back on the marathon training horse. My next goal race is the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. I write mostly about health and science as they relate to running as well as being part of a running family.

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