Poppy’s Training Log – 5.15.16

Many baby jogger and many rail trail miles this week.

Somewhere on social media over the past few days I saw something that said, “Remember when Prince died and then it rained for two weeks?”.   I read it and then realized it really has been raining for what seems like weeks.  Monday was the only day this week that I didn’t run with some sort of rain gear and it was the only day I did a baby jogger run without the weather shield.  Despite the dreary weather, this was a decent week for running.  I added in some mileage and a light workout.  I’m still trying to figure out what race(s) I want to do over the next couple of months.  I at least plan to do a road mile in a nearby town in the beginning of June, but other than that I’m not sure.  So, if anyone is reading this and has suggestions for some good road races in the NY/NJ/PA/MD/DC area, let me know.

Monday: 8 in the morning w/ Emmy in the single, 8×20 sec strides in the latter part of the run.  4 in the afternoon solo.  Then a much needed massage at night.

Tuesday: 6 in the morning w/ both kids in the double, 4 solo in the afternoon

“The pile”. The turnaround spot for my standard 6 mile double jogger runs. Sometimes we even get to watch them make mulch. Cheap entertainment for the kids and gives them something to look forward to when we head out on our runs.

Wednesday: single 8 w/  E in the single.  8×20 sec strides.

Thursday:  12 w/ light workout of 12×200 w/ 200 jog recovery.  Was supposed to start at 45 and cut down, but I was at 42 off the bat and the next two were the same, so just worked down from there.  Cut down a second every few until the last four, which were all 39 something.  Rest jogs were all ~55 seconds, with the exception of the last one, which was 49.  I felt a bit stiff and awkward, likely from going a week and a half without anything fast.  Hoping my legs come around as I start adding more turnover stuff back in.

Friday: 8 w/ E in the single in the morning.  It poured for most of this and I was very water-logged.  E, on the other hand, was nice and dry in her little weather shield-protected cocoon.  4 very easy solo miles in the afternoon.

Saturday:  8 w/ 8×20 sec strides near the end.

Sunday: 14 w/ 5 of the last 6 at a steady state effort.  Got caught in a crazy hail storm about 6 miles in.  It hurt!  Then it was sunny a mile later and stayed that way until the last two miles when the sky got black again and another weird weather front made it’s way through town.  I was both very cold and very warm at different points of this run.  Wacky weather!  5 miles of steady state were 6:25, 6:28, 6:20, 6:19, 6:10

 76 miles for the week

I'm a licensed massage therapist with a background in biochemistry and also a mother of two. After almost two years of focusing on shorter race distances, I am back on the marathon training horse. My next goal race is the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. I write mostly about health and science as they relate to running as well as being part of a running family.

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  1. Awww! I used to do double stroller runs on routes with construction sites and even a monster truck for entertainment! I love the weather shield too 🙂

    1. Oh my gosh, the weather shield is the best. It comes in handy when it’s rainy and when it’s chilly. It’s their own little cave in their when I have it on the jogger. And yeah, any kind of truck sighting is excitement for the kiddos. Dog sightings too.