Poppy’s training log – 5.1-6.11.17

Another month has gone by and I have gotten behind on posting my training. Again. The spring season has been really busy for me for work, so while I don’t like to make excuses, that is a large reason why I’ve been bad about posting both training logs and general posts.  Running wise, I spent the month of May doing a few more workouts in the lead up to the final two races of my spring segment – a 5k and an 8k.  I got within 5-6 seconds of my PRs at both distances, so I ended the segment on a good note.  I’ll take some down time (non-active and active) over the next few weeks before I start switching focus to get ready for a fall marathon. Here’s what I’ve been up to (sorry for the lengthiness):

week of 5.1-5.7.17

Monday: 12 miles w/ the kids in the double (had about 5 of those miles in the middle where I wasn’t pushing the double, but running solo laps on the track while the kids played on the infield).

Tuesday: 6 miles in the a.m. w/ the double, 4 miles in the afternoon w/ E in the single.

Wednesday: 12 miles w/ workout. 2400 cut-down tempo via 3:10-3:00-2:50, 300m jog then 3x(3×300) starting at 63 and working down to 60 by the final set. 100m jog recovery within the sets, 500m jog between sets.

2400 in 8:52 via: 3:06.07/2:58.70/2:47.17
(1:32r – 300j)
300s in
61.12 (35r – 100j)
61.47 (35r)
61.27 (2:46r – 500j)
60.86 (32r)
59.63 (32r)
59.21 (2:43r)
59.01 (31r)
59.15 (30r)

Thursday: 7 miles in the a.m. w/ the kids in the double, 5 miles in the afternoon w/ E in the single.

Friday: 12 miles in Bethlehem, PA followed by a long day of massage on the Bucknell track & field team at the Patriot League Championships, which were being held at Lehigh University.

The whole family went to Patriot Leagues to cheer on Bucknell.

Saturday: 8 miles in Bethlehem again, followed by another long day day of massage.

Sunday: 13 miles w/ 5 mile progression in the latter part.  Progression miles were 6:23, 6:19, 6:09, 5:51, 5:40.

79 miles for the week

week of 5.8-5.14.17

Monday: 8 a.m. miles w/ the kids in the double, 4 in the afternoon w/ E in the single.

Tuesday: 6 a.m. family miles (hubs pushed double the whole way), 6 afternoon miles w/ E in the single.

Wednesday: 12 miles w/ workout.  Plan was to do the run on the rail trail and do 5 miles of off/on, using the half mile markers on the trail. Goal was 3:20/2:50 effort. Pretty much hit that, though there was some variability due to the somewhat rolling terrain of the trail. I also felt pretty pooped by the last two harder miles, so I slowed a little towards the end.

5 miles of on/off in 30:43 (6:09avg) via:

Thursday: 4 a.m. miles w/ the kids in the double, 4 solo evening miles.

These kids got wind of the dude who ran a 1:11 half marathon in crocs and decided they needed to up their training.

Friday: 6 mile family run (hubs pushed the double the whole way again).

Saturday: 11 miles in the morning w/ 5k race. Won the whole race overall, which I think may have been the first time I’ve ever done that. This was a small local race that had a 5k and 10k option. I opted for the 5k to do something shorter and b/c it sounded like fun. Ran 17:31, which was only a few seconds off my PR. I felt good, very strong. Did another 4 miles in the evening w/ the kids in the double as an easy shakeout.

Sunday: 15 miles solo.

80 miles for the week

week of 5.15-5.21.17

Monday: 6 mile family run in the morning, 4 miles in the afternoon w/ E in the single.

Tuesday: 6 mile family run in the morning, 6 miles in the afternoon w/ E in the single and bonus guest, the hubs.

Wednesday: 13 miles w/ workout.  Plan was 6 miles @ 6:15 pace w/ the option of a bonus 1-1.5 miles of 30 seconds on/30 seconds off at the end if I was feeling good. Did this on a neighborhood loop that measures just over a mile, so did 6 laps @ 6:15 and then a bonus of 1.5 laps to do the on/offs at the end. Ended up averaging 6:12/mile for the 6 loops and then right around 6:20 for the bonus lap and a half of on/offs.

Thursday: 6 mile family run in the morning, splitting double pushing duties, 4 miles in the afternoon w/ E in the single.

Friday: 7 miles family run in the morning, 4 miles in afternoon w/ E in single.

Saturday: 14 miles in the morning w/ workout. We were visiting my mother-in-law and a few sisters-in-law, so had babysitters which meant hubs could join for the workout. Added bonus was that he paced the whole thing. Woo-hoo! We did 3 sets of 1600 @ 5:44, 800 @ 2:48, 400 @ 80-81 w/ easy 200s between the intervals w/in a set and 3:00 jog rest between sets.

5:44.14 (71r), 2:48.03 (66r), 81.00 [12:11 for the whole 3200]
5:44.28 (72r), 2:47.71 (69r), 80.66 [12:14 for 3200]
5:43.82 (60r), 2:47.75 (59r), 79.98 [11:52 for 3200]

Did an easy 4 miles in evening w/ the hubs to shakeout.

Sunday: 6 easy miles, first 4 w/ the hubs.

80 for the week

week of 5.22-5.28.17

Monday: 6 mile family run in morning, 6 miles w/ E in the single in the afternoon.

Tuesday: another 6 mile family run in the a.m., 5 miles w/ E in the single in the afternoon.

Wednesday: 12 miles w/ 30 minutes of hills on the Bucknell campus (took me 36-37 seconds each time and got in about 20 hills) w/ a one mile cook on the way home, which I ran in 6:05.  Hubs and kids ran over to campus to meet me after my hills and I got to cool down most of the way home w/ them.

Thursday: All solo miles today – 8 in the a.m., 4 in the p.m.

Fun in the puddles at her brother’s end-of-preschool picnic.

Friday: 6 solo miles in the morning.

Saturday: 6 miles the morning, 4 miles late at night after getting the kids to bed. Hectic evening w/ E running a fever and C jumping off a deck railing (ground level) and hurting his wrist.

Sunday: 12 miles w/ workout. Plan was 6 miles of progression via 3 miles @ marathon effort, 2 miles @ half marathon effort, and 1 mile faster. Did this on the same neighborhood loop where I did the 6 miles @ 6:15 pace last week. Got out later in the day for this as I spent the morning at urgent care w/ my little guy. The wrist injury from the night before ended up being a buckle fracture. He got his left wrist and forearm splinted and we were to follow up w/ an ortho for a cast a few days later.

76 miles for the week

week of 5.29-6.4.17

This week I was at my mom’s w/ the kids as my hubs had one of his quarterly work trips to Boston. It meant that I did zero baby jogger runs this week as I had a baby sitter every day.

Monday:  solo 6 miles.

Tuesday:  6 miles in the morning, 4 miles in the evening.

Wednesday: 10 miles w/ workout. Plan was 1000 @ 5:48 pace, 4×200 @ 41, 800 @ 2:50, 4×200 @ 40, 600 @ 82-83 through the 400 and picking it up to 40 for the final 200. Easy 200 between everything, except a 400 after the 1000 and 800.  My legs felt pretty rested from the cut back in mileage, so this felt like a nice light workout heading into my final race of the segment.

3:34.30 (1:59r)
39.75 (59r)
40.02 (58r)
40.25 (59r)
40.09 (60r)
2:48.15 (2:05r)
39.73 (56r)
40.76 (57r)
39.66 (59r)
39.28 (65r)
2:00.44 [through 400 in 81.x]

After I got done w/ this workout, I took my son to get his cast for his wrist. We lucked out in that he got a hybrid cast that allows him to swim, bathe, etc. He thought it was the coolest thing. He ran around the clinic pretending to shoot lasers from it as soon as they put it on him.

A fractured wrist can’t stop this kid. His handling of an injury is a good lesson for me to keep in mind whenever adversity will pop up in the future.

Thursday: 6 miles in the morning, 4 miles in the evening.

Friday: 6 miles, first 4 w/ the hubs who arrived at my mom’s from Boston late last night.

Saturday: 4 miles w/ the hubs.

Sunday:  10 miles w/ an 8k race. Ran another race up in Binghamton, NY, the site of my 5k road PR last August. The hubs and I decided to do this 8k as it wasn’t too far of a drive from my mom’s and the timing worked out well for me for one last race before a mini downtime. Additionally, we really enjoyed racing in Binghamton last summer, so we were all for taking part in another race there. I ended up winning the women’s race, but did not win the rematch with my husband (I have beaten him in our last two head-to-heads, the Christ Thater 5k and the Scranton 1/2 Marathon). He beat me by 27 seconds. I ran 28:40 and while this is a 13 second 8k PR, converting it to a 5 mile time has me missing that PR by six seconds. That’s not a huge deal to me. I was psyched that the final two races of this segment put me right around my road PRs for shorter distances. I don’t take that for granted as my age is creeping up.

56 miles for the week

week of 6.5-6.11.17

This was the beginning of some down time. The first two days were complete rest days and then the rest of the week was active down time, meaning I ran short and easy.

Monday: day off

Tuesday: day off

Wednesday:  4 mile family run.

Thursday:  6 mile family run.

Friday:  6 mile run w/ the kids in the double.

Saturday: 6 miles w/ the kids in the double, the hubs joined us as part of his warm up and cool down for his workout.

Sunday: 8 mile family run.

30 miles for the week

Feeling nice and rested.

I'm a licensed massage therapist with a background in biochemistry and also a mother of two. After almost two years of focusing on shorter race distances, I am back on the marathon training horse. My next goal race is the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. I write mostly about health and science as they relate to running as well as being part of a running family.

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