Poppy’s Chicago Marathon training log – 9.4-9.17.17

The past two weeks have been pretty tiring as I have been in the midst of my heaviest training. My daughter started preschool right after Labor Day, so that means I now have a few days a week where I do my easy runs without pushing a baby jogger. Additionally, since my son is in all-day kindergarten, when I do run with a jogger now, it’s with my daughter in the single. Oh so much easier than the double! Here are the past two weeks of training:

week of 9.4-9.10.17

Monday: 24 mile long run. Took advantage of the hubs and I having the day off of work and did my long run today.

Tuesday: 8 a.m. miles w/ E in the single, 4 solo in the afternoon.

Wednesday: 8 a.m. miles solo after dropping E off at her first day of preschool, 4 miles w/ her in the single in the afternoon though.

This chick started preschool two weeks ago.

Thursday: 15 miles in the morning w/ a workout of 1600 @ 6:12, 8×800 @ 2:50-2:54 effort, 1600 @ 6:12. Rest was 60 sec jog after first 1600, then 1:30-2:00 jog between 800s, and then finally an easy lap jog after the 800s and before the final 1600. This ended up being a fun workout in that I was sharing the track w/ Bucknell’s wrestling team. They were doing 400s and we often started our intervals staggered of each other, which meant I had people to chase and vice versa. The guys were really cool about me running with them at times and it made the workout go by very quickly. Having them around though meant that I ran my 1600s a little too quickly. D’oh! Splits: 6:06.76 (64r), 2:52.32 (81r), 2:52.39 (87r), 2:51.13 (86r), 2:50.79 (85r), 2:50.87 (83r), 2:48.17 (86r), 2:51.12 (87r), 2:47.71 (2:22r), 6:06.84. Also did a 5 mile shakeout in the afternoon w/ E.

Friday: 6 very easy solo miles.

Saturday:  8 in the morning, 4 in the afternoon.

Sunday: 20 miles w/ 17 at steady state. The plan was to do 13-17 miles around 6:30 pace (w/ option to get down to 6:20-6:25 the last few miles if feeling good and pace coming easily). I did this on our neighborhood loop that is just over a mile and ended up doing 17 laps (~17.4 miles) averaging 6:24/mi. There is a playground at one of the loop, so the hubs took the kids there to play and every few laps would hand me bottles of pedialyte to practice drinking w/ while running. The logistics of that went pretty smoothly and I had the cheers of the kiddos every time I went around the loop, which was a lot.

106 miles for the week

week of 9.11-9.17.17

Monday: 8 solo miles in the morning, 5 miles w/ E in the single in the afternoon.

Tuesday: 6 miles in the morning w/ E in the single, 4 in the afternoon w/ the hubs and E.

Wednesday:  16 miles in the morning w/ workout of 8×1600 @ 6:00 pace and 200m jog in 60 seconds. If my 200 jogs were faster than 60 sec, I was allowed to get a little faster on the 1600s. If my 200s slowed to slower than 60 sec then I had to keep the 16s right at 6:00. I felt really strong on this and was happy that this one went well. Closed out the workout with a fast 200 to finish off 36 full laps. Splits: 5:57.78 (56r), 5:56.91 (53r), 5:56.16 (54r), 5:56.54 (56r), 5:55.50 (54r), 5:54.52 (55r), 5:54.76 (55r), 5:51.60, 42.73 for last 200. 54:30 for 14.4k (6:05.5/mi, 6:03ish/1600). Did a 4 mile shakeout w/ E in the single in the afternoon.

Thursday: 12 miles in the morning w/ E in the single (had 5 solo miles at the track while she played on the infield/spectated my running), 4 miles in the afternoon w/ her as well.

Friday:  12 miles w/ light workout of 6 x 200 @ 43, 4 x 60 sec hill sprints, 6 x 200 @ 41-42. There is a nice hill right next to the track, so I was able to pop right out of the stadium upon finishing the first set of 200s to start the hills and then get right on the track for the second set of 200s upon finishing the hills.  The first set of 200s were all 42-43 and the second set got a little faster than prescribed, 42–>39.

Saturday:  4 miles in the morning, 4 in the evening.

A new children’s museum opened up in our town last weekend, so we spent Saturday afternoon checking it out.

Sunday:  23 miles w/ 4 miles of uptempo just past the 2 hour mark. Those miles were 6:35, 6:33, 6:24, 6:24.

102 miles for the week

I'm a licensed massage therapist with a background in biochemistry and also a mother of two. After almost two years of focusing on shorter race distances, I am back on the marathon training horse. My next goal race is the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. I write mostly about health and science as they relate to running as well as being part of a running family.

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  1. Pedialyte — interesting choice. Electrolytes, obviously, but are you using that for your carb source, too?

    You sound ready — excited to see you kill it! (Except I won’t see you, because I’ll be somewhere behind you. Haha.)

    1. I use the pedialyte because it’s a little kinder on my stomach than gatorade. I was once told that the only difference between pedialyte and gatorade is the form of sugar used and that the sugar in pedialyte is gentler on the stomach, which makes sense since it’s designed for small children. I also heard that the sugar in pedialyte allows the electrolytes to be better absorbed. I have no idea if this is all true, but the pedialyte sits better with me and I can take more of it in without upsetting my system. For carbs during the race, I take GUs, which I’ve been practicing with on my marathon paced runs.

      Hopefully I will get to see you race weekend!