Pimento’s Training Log 6.12-6.25.17

Living in the Eugene, Oregon area has many perks when it comes to being a runner but one that I’ve started taking advantage of only recently is the Bowerman Sport Science Clinic at the University of Oregon, right on the edge of Hayward Field. This winter I saw a request on one of the local Facebook running group pages from a graduate student looking for runners to take part in his running physiology study/dissertation. I fit the necessary requirements (comfortable with 50-mile/week mileage, capable of a 21-minute 5k, and I wear a size 8 shoe), so emailed him. Before I knew it, I was a human guinea pig.

I was randomly assigned to the control group, so just had to show up and go through the same gamut of tests several times– including running fast (5:20 pace for ten strides at a time) on a state of the art treadmill while covered with silver detecting balls so my computer animated self showed on the screen, to running with the VO2 max/scuba mask on an even nicer treadmill for 10 minutes, while I enjoyed the view of Duck athletes and Oregon Track Club Elites working out on the track. I got a little money for participating and got to talk nerdy with a cool running geek getting his PhD in sports physiology.

After completing that study, I saw another request for testing running economy for the new Nike marathon shoe (thank you genetics for the spectacularly-average-yet-perfect-for-shoe-testing-size-8-foot!). I can’t say anything about that, except how much fun it was! Chatting with the Bowerman Clinic tech throughout the couple of hours I was there, I found out I can sign up to get my VO2 max, lactic threshold, gait analysis, and several other tests done there cheap, so I figure why not? I’m going to go for it; maybe adding a little science and data to my training will allow me to better hone in on my goal of getting faster!

In the meantime, I continue to run a lot.

I run a lot … and hang at the lake, too!

Monday 6/12: 11 miles, easy to moderate-paced progression run (8:50 down to 8:16 pace).

Tuesday 6/13: 12.37 miles, 3 warm up, drills, 6.3-mile fast (7:07 average pace), 3 cool down. This was supposed to be a progression run from 7:40 down to 6:50, but I apparently stink at pacing myself, instead going 7:26, 7:10, 7:09, 6:58, 6:57, 6:57. Good grief. Core in the evening. Looking for a really great set of running drills and active stretching drills? Try this one!

Wednesday 6/14: 5.37 miles. This was the mileage I ran for the Nike test.

Thursday 6/15: 12.2 miles, 11-mile progression run from 8:00 down to 7:09 pace, plus another running study at UO, plus some push-ups.

Friday 6/16: 6 miles easy (9:29 pace), core.

Saturday 6/17: 16 miles — 12.1 mile trail run, 4 mile cool down on the treadmill. This run killed my quads for the next three days, as I got over 2250′ of elevation on the run. Ouch.

Sunday 6/18: 8 miles easy (9;02 pace) in the sunshine.

Weekly total: 71.1 miles

Monday 6/19: off to rest the quads, core and upper body weights.

Tuesday 6/20: 15 miles— AM: 3 mile warm up, 6 miles @ 1-minute 6:57/1-minute 7:30, 1 mile cool down. PM: 5 easy treadmill miles (8:29 pace).

Wednesday 6/21: 11.02 miles (8:21 pace). Got up for a sunrise run with my long-lost running buddy who had her nursing schedule changed so we haven’t been able to see each other as much lately. Got home and headed to the coast for a work conference for my husband.

Summer solstice sunset on the Pacific Ocean

Thursday 6/22: 8.22 miles (8:11 pace) along the ocean. Utterly beautiful run.

Friday 6/23: 6.09 miles (8:50 pace) along the ocean with my husband! We rarely get to run together, so this romantic setting was particularly nice! Core/upper body weights in the evening.

Saturday 6/24: 18.09 miles (7:53 average). Warmed up 5.5 miles, then 3 miles @7:15/7:12/6:58, 1.5 miles easy, 2.5 miles @7:06/6:45/3:30, 1.5 miles easy, 2 miles @6:59/7:09, cool down to 18. BOOM.

Sunday 6/25: 7 miles easy on the treadmill, tearing up at the end because I’m watching Downton Abbey again (yes, the entire series- don’t judge!) and Sybil dying right after childbirth is just so sad! Writing my training log and anxiously waiting for Ginger to get here, she’s staying the night on her cross-country road trip on her way to California tomorrow! Woo hoo!

Weekly total: 65.5 miles

I'm an elementary P.E. teacher with a long-term, ongoing marathon addiction.The next big goal? Keeping up my BQ streak while aiming for a 3:10! I write about the not-so-glamorous side of running and fitting in serious training with a family while staying sane(ish).

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