Pimento’s Training Log 1.2.16

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Starting the New Year running from waves with my kids.

Happy New Year, Salties!! Although I am not one to make a huge list of resolutions that I inevitably fail to accomplish, I am very glad to let 2015 go and push the mental “reset” button. After weeks of parties, birthdays, our anniversary, family gatherings, vacations, and general overindulgence my body is crying to get back on my normal eating/sleeping schedule. I do Dry January and won’t drink alcohol until (at least) my birthday on February 6, plus I’m giving up candy/sugary goodies until then, too. I am a firm non-believer in cleanses and other pseudo-science detox bull crap, but I do like to check my bad habits for a few weeks and start again. I signed up for a half-marathon March 5 that I am hoping to kick ass at so I have a goal and a plan to keep me occupied.

Looking back on 2015, although I did not get the marathon time at NYC I trained for I did PR at the Napa Valley Marathon in March and got another PR at the Butte to Butte 10k in July. I trained a ton, running 2540.85 miles total in 2015 (my biggest year yet), but I only ran three races: the two marathons and the one 10k. In 2016 I’d like to run even more mileage but also race more, particularly shorter distances. Odd fact: I’ve never run a 5k race… Maybe this year I’ll do one. It’ll be low pressure plus an automatic PR, haha. Here’s my week in review, rounding out 2015 and starting out 2016 on a strong note.

Sunday 12/27, 6 miles (8:29 pace) Took the dog out for a run in the drizzle, he was less than cooperative today so I dropped him back in the car after five to finish the last mile alone. Heading to my mom’s house an hour away in Salem to hang out with my sisters and their kids who drove up from Utah. Excited for some sister-shenanigans!

Monday 12/28, Rest day. Gave in to sister/peer pressure and took the day off to hang out with my family.

Tuesday 12/29, 7.35 miles (? pace) Really resenting running today; I don’t want to go run the planned 10-mile workout in the hilly, meandering suburbia of South Salem. I got in some strides and one fast mile (6:46) but then cut it short to hang and eat crap wth my sisters before they leave early tomorrow.

Wednesday 12/30, 7.03 miles (8:45 pace) My body is feeeeling the weeks of Christmas food and beverages, sluggish and sore despite the beautiful day and run. Crap runs happen.

Thursday 12/31, 6.0 treadmill miles (8:15 pace) Last run of the year!! On the road to the coast for two nights. I get to watch the sunset on the Pacific Ocean, eat great seafood, hang out with my family, and run with my running dad tomorrow morning along the ocean and Yaquina Bay.

Friday 1/1, 13.06 miles (8:06 pace) Beautiful hilly run with my friend Lonn; though the hills kicked our asses and when it wasn’t hilly the headwind almost killed us. Glorious sunshine but a chilly 35 degrees without the windchill taken into account. Very happy there is a hot tub back at the hotel to relax in.

Saturday 1/2, 6 miles (2 miles @8:35, 1 @ 8:00, 1 @ 7:30, 1 @ 6:57, 1 @ 6:25) Nice little speedy run to get my legs turning over. Left my husband at halftime of the Alamo Bowl, where the Ducks were destroying TCU 28-0, came in to a major blow-up and ultimately a Ducks loss. Poor husband; he went out for some treadmill therapy after the game.

Weekly total: 45.48

2015 total: 2,540. 85 miles


I'm an elementary P.E. teacher with a long-term, ongoing marathon addiction.The next big goal? Keeping up my BQ streak while aiming for a 3:10! I write about the not-so-glamorous side of running and fitting in serious training with a family while staying sane(ish).

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