Pesto’s Training Log – BOSTON MARATHON! January 1-22 Recap

Proof that I wear things other than running gear and bathing suits.

Salties, totally late to the party, but none the less –  Happy New Year!

If you didn’t gather from the title, I am running the Boston Marathon! Running wise, 2017 is already proving to be pretty awesome and the opportunity to run the streets of Boston in April was something that I could not turn down.

December and January were a whirlwind of holiday travels, a NYE 10km + PR, ramping up milage, Mr. Pesto’s birthday and too many holiday parties and cocktails to keep track of. After finding out about Boston, Gracie (if you don’t know who she is by now SHAME ON YOU!) and I took an impromptu trip to Boston to visit a college friend, my coach and of course – get in some workouts on the course.

I have very mixed feelings about the beginning of the Spring semester tomorrow.  On one hand it will be a little less hectic as we really have to reign in our social schedules. But with research, teaching, & externship responsibilities to juggle along with marathon training … it’s going to be a lot. In regards to balancing all of this I caught up with Denny Krahe, of the DizRuns podcast recently to talk about just that. Here’s the link if you’re interested!

One more thing of note: the weather has been pretty freaking phenomenal. I’m loving running in short sleeves and thin gloves – this is my kind of Winter 🙂

The promised training recap:

Mon 1/2 – (am) 7.3mi easy, but rainy start to the day.
(pm) Spent the day in Richmond with some friends from NY (also runners) so was a treat to get in a 4mi double with them before feasting on some delicious BBQ food.
Tues 1/ 3 – (am) Even more rain. But now torrential. Thankful I was able to workout on the indoor track. 3mile warm up and cool down. 8mins @ 5:50, 10 x 400 (77sec), 8 mins @ 5:50. It was fun to get back on the indoor track. Coincidentally, the last time I was on the indoor track was exactly 5 years prior when I walked off the track and gave up running ‘for good’.
(pm) Strength + 35min pool run.
Wed  1/4 – (am) 7miles @ 7:30
(pm) Better job at recovery, 3miles @ 8:00

Loving ‘winter’ thus far 🙂

Thur 1/5 – Medium LR. 12miles @ 7:30, on a pretty hilly route featuring some of my old college trails. Apparently I was all about chasing ghosts this week!
Fri 1/6 – (am) Pre road trip 7miles
(pm) 3mile shake out in Hartford, CT –> onwards to Boston!
Sat 1/7 – Pre Blizzard out & back workout on miles 4-10ish of the Boston Marathon course. 3mi warmup @ 7:20. 2x3mi @ 6:19 with 1mi @ 7min between. 2mi cooldown @7:00. Really happy with how this felt, barely looked at my watch throughout and felt very relaxed throughout. And then we got almost a foot of snow.
Sun 1/8 – (pm) 10.5miles at 7min from Wellesley to Boston College.

Miles: 79
Pool run: 35min
Strength: x1

Mon 1/9 – (am) 9miles @ 7:30 in Milford.
(pm) 4miles … to go and pick up cannolis from the local baker 🙂
Tues 1/10 – (pm) 2 mile warm up, 8 x 3min @ 5:30 pace with 3min jog, 6 x 200 @ 35sec, 3mile cool down. This was a great workout for a couple of reasons. (1) This was the first time that I’d ever worked out with my Coach, James – so I was pretty excited and nervous for that! (2) 99.99% of the time I do my primary workout in the morning so running hard at night was good for me to switch up my fueling during the day to make sure I was ready to go at 6pm.
Wed 1/11 – (am) 12mile hilly recovery (7:30s) with Coach in Hartford.
(pm) 30min pool run.

Exploring the Battlefields

Thur 1/12 – (am) Strength
(pm) 60min run at the Manassas Battlefields (where the Civil War started – how’s that for US history?!) with a good friend. 100% soft and muddy trails – it was AWESOME!
Fri 1/13 – (am) 13mi workout. Warm up, 3 x 2mi @ 6min with 2min rest. 5 x 45 sec hill sprints with 90sec jog. Cool down. Good hard workout, threshold work with short recovery is tough!
We had family in town for the weekend so spend the rest of the day walking (over 13miles around the National Mall and museums … I was dragging a little!)
(pm) 3mi easy late evening shake.
Sat 1/14 – (am) Easy 9mi with two girlfriends who are also training for Spring marathons.
Sun 1/15 – (am) 100min long run @ 7:24 –> 13.5 miles. I successfully ran almost nine miles on nice soft trails, for which my legs were very thankful for!
(pm) Strength + 60min pool run

Miles: 86
Pool run: 90mins
Strength: x2

Mon 1/16 – (am) Easy 7mi
(pm) 4 more easy miles, 30mins
Tues 1/17 – (am) 9.5mi (7:25)
(pm) 30min pool run
Wed 1/18 – (am) Windy (20+mph) track workout. 2mile warm up & cool down. 2 X 2000; 7:10, 7:01 (w/5min standing rest), 4 x 1200; 4:13, 4:08, 4:09, 4:12 (w/4min standing rest), 4 x 400; 79, 77, 77, 77 (w/ 400 easy jog). Let’s suffice to say that the wind and not hitting my paces put me in a funk for a good couple of hours. It wasn’t awful, I just need to do better at adjusting to the conditions.
(pm) Strength training and 4mi double.
Thur 1/19 – (am) 9mile recovery run (8+ pace) with friend along DC Canal … my last trip downtown before the weekend’s chaos.
(pm) 55min pool run.
Fri 1/20 – 12miles @ 7:10. Usually I would have done this as two separate runs but we were headed out of town for hubs birthday so I didn’t want a double to interfere with celebrations!
Sat 1/21 – Relaxed 10miles (7:24) along the WO&D trail with Mr Pesto on the bike 🙂

All smiles after 20miles and my biggest milage week ever!

Sun 1/22 – (am) 20 Mile long run/workout combo (Washington & Old Dominion Trail). 3mi warm up @ 7:45. First course: 3 x 3mi at marathon effort(6:27, 6:15, 6:12) with 0.5mi easy between … the first effort featured a 150ft climb so was a tad slow. Second course: 4 x 3min at 10km effort (5:45ave) with 3:30min easy jog between. Dessert: 3mi @ 7:15.
(pm) Strength

Miles: 88
Pool run: 85mins
Strength: x2

Phew, that’s a wrap. I’m never taking a month off writing training logs again!

I am currently working on my Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience while sipping on wine & coffee in Northern Virginia. Together with my husband and Rhodesian Ridgeback, Gracie we battle to keep the Tupperware cupboard organized for more than two days at time. I recently ran my first marathon (2:51) and am excited for what is to come. I like to ramble about running post injury, finding a work-life balance and running quickly.

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