Pesto’s Training Log – 8.21.16 & 8.28.16

Training in Long Island with a fellow kiwi, it doesn't get much better
Training in Long Island with a fellow kiwi, it really doesn’t get much better

At the beginning of this past week I was OH SO optimistic that the heat and humidity had finally given up, but alas, it’s August. It was however nice to have a couple of days reprieve.

My Summer fun has officially, and sadly come to an end. Next week my school and teaching workload will pick back up. Although a little (ok, a lot) sad, I have no complaints – this Summer has been wonderful. I was fortunate enough to spend the past week with friends training in Long Island and then wrapped it up by taking a leaf from Chive’s book and running a workout during a half marathon this weekend. This was the first time I’ve attempted something like this, I was initially worried I wouldn’t have the self control to stick to the plan, BUT:

Knowing that I am not in shape + less than ideal conditions = much easier to keep myself in check

Week of 8.15 – 8.21, 65.5 miles.

Mon – 9miles easy with friend in DC. Ventured off our usual Canal route which was a nice change
Tues – (am) Workout: 2mile warm up, 4x2min (6min pace), 4x1min (5:30 pace), 4x hill sprints, 3.5mile cool down
(pm) Solidcore  50min full body workout
Wed – 9miles recovery at Burke Lake Park
Thur – 3.5miles easy. I was supposed to take today off but I was on a roll so figured some easy miles would be ok.
Fri – (am) 8mile hilly progression-ish run. Travelled to Long Island shortly after morning run
(pm) 3mile post drive shake out
Sat – 80mins @ 7:35pace, I had the treat of running a bunch of grinding hills at Sunken Meadow Park alongside the Long Island Channel
Sun – (am) 8miles at same pace as yesterday. Loving this change of scenery and great company!
4mile shakeout

Week of 8.22 – 8.28, 60 miles. 

Mon – Workout: 2mile warmup, 3x2mile repeats (6:35) with 4mins easy between, 4x1min (5:35), 1.5mile cooldown
Tues – (am) 4mile shakeout
(pm) 8miles, recovery continued
Wed – (am) 6miles before getting on the road back to VA
4miles that I didn’t have time for before meeting Mr. Pesto in DC for dinner and watching John Oliver at the Kennedy Ctr – I think this counts as an ab workout?!
Thur – Same nonsense as last Thursday. Failed rest day, 2miles super easy

These two woke up at 3:30am to come and support me.
FamilyGram: These two woke up at 3:30am to come and support me 🙂

Fri – Hot and sweaty 7miles in Bethesda with 4x pickups near the end
Sat – 3:30am wake up, 85% humidity, 77 degrees with 75 dew point makes for perfect workout (during the VA half marathon championship) conditions … said no one ever! 1mile warm up, 2x2miles at a little slower than marathon pace with 0.5mi easy between, 2x2miles at goal marathon pace, again with 0.5 easy, 4mins a little faster and then hold. 2mile cool down. This went surprisingly well and felt super comfortable considering the conditions were awful and this was my longest run post stress fracture. Also managed to secure the win for the ladies, which was an added bonus!
Sun – FORCED rest day. After my overeagerness last training cycle, and stubbornness to rest last week I know that I need to learn from past mistakes. My body needs a break – even though my brain begs to differ.

After six weeks of slow increases in training and milage, continued PT visits, (mostly) good nutrition, and lots of foam rolling I finally feel like I am getting back into the swing of things. Right now the plan is to re-attempt my first marathon in early November at the Indianapolis Monumental. This will be the first stepping stone to my goal marathon (TBD) next Spring – this Fall is about gaining strength and consistency!

I am currently working on my Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience while sipping on wine & coffee in Northern Virginia. Together with my husband and Rhodesian Ridgeback, Gracie we battle to keep the Tupperware cupboard organized for more than two days at time. I recently ran my first marathon (2:51) and am excited for what is to come. I like to ramble about running post injury, finding a work-life balance and running quickly.

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  1. The comeback for you has been awesome! Crazy good mileage already, and such a kick ass half marathon as a workout! Proud of you and seriously cannot wait to see what you can do for first marathon at Indy!!!