Pesto Training Log 6.18 & 6.25.17

Hi! Pesto here, and we’re already playing training log catchup. You’re welcome.
It’s going to be another double whammy next time, but I am prepared for that, I really have no excuse this time around! We will be out of internets reach over the holiday weekend. I love being disconnected for a couple of days at a timeย – although I will miss you all ๐Ÿ™‚

The cliff notes of the last two weeks:

  • Really nothing ground breaking
  • We are starting to get back into the swing of things
  • I’m starting to feel less out of sortsย on a consistent basis

Week of 6/18:

Monday: (am) 3mi warmup. 3 mile tempo (6:05), 3x 1min @ 5k pace w/ 2min jog. 20min cool down. I think this went fine, I seemingly need to keep better notes. Actually, I’m sure it was hard because tempo pace was nearly marathon pace, so I’m running and thinking … oh shit, how am I going to do this for 26.2?!

Tuesday:ย (am) 6mi easy recovery with friend before he left to run Grandma’s Marathon.
(pm) Strength and PT. 40mins ElliptiGO

Wednesday: (am) Easy run + drills and strides.

Thursday: (am) Long run w/ย some mid run pickups. Semi death-marchy

Friday: (am) 6mi easy
(pm) Lift and pool run

Saturday: I am leading a training group for the Marine Corps Marathon (in October) so I met up with them this morning.ย 8mi + drills and strides.

Sunday: (am) I thought on Saturday that the weather couldn’t be any worse, and I was 100% wrong. This morning was nasty. 75degrees w/ 71 DP at 5:30am … no thanks! Thankfully I was meeting some friends at the track so I knew I wasn’t going to suffer alone. 4mi warmup, 8 x 400 @ 75/76 w/ 2min active recovery, 3mi cool down. Surprised we hit these paces considering. If the reps were any longer than 400m I think we would have been in trouble.
(pm)ย Easy shake out

Total: 62

Week of 6/25:

Monday:ย (am) 8mi with last 4mi cutdown.

Tuesday:ย (am) 6mi with Spearmint before she jetted off to Nationals!
(pm) 30min easy and melty

Finish line facials, never good.

Wednesday:ย (am) Workout Wednesday has such a great ring to it ๐Ÿ™‚
3mi warm up, 4 x 1mi on the road w/ 2:30 easy jog between. Not really worried about pace, just gettingย progressively faster and not wrecking my legs since this was probably my ‘biggest’ workout back post Boston. 6:05, 5:55, 5:45, 5:36. Felt nice and relaxed. 20min cool down.

Thursday: (am)ย 6mi easy
(pm) Lift + pool run

Friday:ย 8mi, particularly nasty humid morning.

Saturday: (am) 3mi easy shake out.
(pm) 2mi warm up, 4(.1)mi race [85degrees + relatively low humidity], 3mi cool down. A friend told me not to believe anyone who tells you that summer racing, especially evening summer racing in Virginia, is a good time. While yes,ย there some wasย a lot ofย truth to this sentiment, it was also really fun to mix it up and do something different. It was also time to pull off the bandaid and get a decent baseline of where I am at the beginning of this training cycle.ย What was even better was that my coach and I both had the same intent for the race. Just run. That’s it. So I ran with just the stopwatch showing and ran surprisingly consistently. This was both myย first four miler and first twilight race so two PRs for the evening, success! 23:35 was good for second lady and a solid startย from which to build.

Sunday:ย No run. 75min XT (pool run). This was a particularly great pool run as I met up with three friends, two of whom were at the race last night, for some good recovery splashes and fun!

Total: ย 55. Is it bad that I feel like I barely ran this week?

I am currently working on my Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience while sipping on wine & coffee in Northern Virginia. Together with my husband and Rhodesian Ridgeback, Gracie we battle to keep the Tupperware cupboard organized for more than two days at time. I recently ran my first marathon (2:51) and am excited for what is to come. I like to ramble about running post injury, finding a work-life balance and running quickly.

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    1. I wish I had that sorta company every pool run! Alas … I’m usually the only weirdo there! Just some summer fun on the docket at the moment!

  1. 75ยบ/70dp is basically the worst weather ever, I think. You get up at 6 a.m. and the sun is already up and it feels like a freaking rainforest outside. If we were planning to race in the Wet Coat, we’d be set (you’re welcome for the geographical reference).

    I think a nighttime summer race is a nice rust-buster, especially at a weird distance, because you have lots of excuses and not much to compare it to!