Pepper’s Training Log – Week Ending 7/29/12

Babe in total control of herself. You have to be totally in control if you want to be an aid station captain! Being a babe isn’t required, but it helps ๐Ÿ˜‰

Still on my mission to heal my foot so this week was much of the same with no running except for a very short jog at my aid station Saturday to take care of race business. I have been wearing some light arch supports and my boot every night and got the name of an Orthopaed to go see about orthotics. After seeing my ART guy Friday AM he agrees with me that if the orthotics don’t work I am probably looking at an extended period of time off to be running pain free. So we’ll see how costly the orthotics are etc. and go from there.

My house disaster of 2012 continues so I cannot lie it is good I don’t have the pressure and stress of trying to train while dealing with the house. I’m stressed enough without out it. I cannot wait to be able to spend the night and shower in my own house again!

I haven’t had much time to think about it but it is looking like this will be the first year since my first marathon in 2004 that I won’t be running a fall marathon. Wow that is crazy!

Monday- Rest

Tuesday- Bike commute to and from work 22ish miles

Wednesday-Bike commute to and from work 23ish miles

Thursday-Rest (Bathroom painting)

Friday-ART appointment and rest

Saturday-“Rest” Captaining a BR100 aid station, Bathroom painting, cabinet painting, weeding, wall bleaching

Sunday-“Rest” Finishing cabinets, painting trim. Oh and I devoured an ice cream stuffed 18″ pancake which apparently has only been done 8 times so I get to have my picture on the wall. Not sure this is one of those moments I should be proud about, but I was really freaking hungry!

Probably not the best use of my competitive nature.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was actually feeling perky for the first time since GLR and I hammered the commutes pretty hard. Climbing Cedar Hill on Tuesday I thought my heart might pop out of my chest. It was fun to push the bike a bit and feel feisty. This weekend I don’t know where I got all the energy but Saturday was super productive. By Sunday night though my body had had it!


A gal on a mission to save Cuyahoga County streams one storm water facility at a time. An ex runner of many facets including marathons, pacing, ultras and more. Chronic left side issues have me cycling more than running these days but I'm attempting to get back to my running roots.

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