Pepper’s Training Log – 6/8/14

TBH ready to roll out at Sunday in June
TBH ready to roll out at Sunday in June

Week 12 of 18 counting down to North Country Trail Marathon got off to a rocky start. My work life balance got entirely out of whack this week and resulted in nothing but a few 30 day ab challenge sets on Monday and Tuesday. But I rallied and managed to salvage the weeks workouts, though not in the way I would prefer most weeks, having to run the tempo and long run on back to back days due to a planned long bike ride on Sunday.

Monday- 30 day ab challenge and rest

Tuesday – 30 day ab challenge and rest

Wednesday – Track. workout was 10-20 minute warm up 5*1000 m with 400 m recovery jogs, then 10 minute cool down. My target paces are around 6:15 per mile but I decided I’d be happy with anything under 4:00 for the intervals which would be a 20 minute 5k (around 6:26 pace I believe). So faster than my past few workouts but not quite as fast as our first track workout of the year (quarters). This was done in the rain about 2 hours after a heavy dinner, which was not smart but no way around it on the day. Got in a 14 minute warm up and then it was time for the workout after a few drills. 3:52, 3:57, 3:54, 3:54, 3:55. Followed up by a 13 minute cool down for around 7 miles total. Solid effort, I would have liked to have kept them all at 3:52 but I just didn’t have the mental will or extra gear to get there.

Thursday – Fun fun fun trail run with an old training friend. 4.7 miles of hilly single track in the CVNP. I was chatty Cathy and probably ran a bit harder than I should have given the tempo to follow the next day.

Friday – Workout was 1 mile warm up, 4 mile tempo, 1 mile cool down. Official goal pace is 7:15-7:30 but we’ve been running these faster. (Both my husband and I have been on the faster side of tempo and he has been fast on the long runs, while the track efforts are a little harder to nail. Granted I am basing our target paces off a four mile race where we carried a jug of water the last mile. For those that like numbers I basically decided the jug added 20 seconds to that mile and I used that time to correlate to a corresponding 10km time to set our goal paces. So mine is based off a 10km run at 7:00 pace and his is based off a 10km at 6:45 pace. Perhaps we would be faster than that now, but I am not too worried about it given I haven’t felt very speedy on the track or long runs.) Went out a little fast right around 7 minute pace and other than the 3rd mile stayed right there. Averaging somewhere around 7:05 for the tempo miles, but having to up the effort that last mile significantly to get it back down. I was seeing stars after this one and probably would have benefited from backing off the effort a hair.

Saturday – We got up bright and early to join our buddy Janet for her long run at Edgewater. Despite tired legs and minor dehydration we managed to run under the 8:30 goal pace for 12 miles.

Sunday – Last year I did the Sunday in June century ride but this year we haven’t been riding as much long distance. We intended to go 50-65 and take it from there but mother nature intervened with a downpour after 25 so we called it a day and had fun catching up with our TBH teammates and friends.


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  1. That track workout looks really good! You were way below 4:00 for all. 1000s are hard! In 6 weeks I bet you’ll easily be cranking out sub-3:45 1000s and 6:45 tempos no problem.