Pepper’s Training Log – 6-29-14

Week 9 of training for the North Country Trail Marathon is done, only 8 to go! After a much needed massage last week and two forced rest days on Monday and Tuesday (I don’t know about you but this girl can’t find time for workouts when she’s working 12+ hour days) I was back at it and the legs were feeling much better than last week. I think it’s safe to assume I finally recovered from the half marathon. My work/life balance has been wonky the past few months. For the first time in eleven years at my job we are struggling to keep everyone busy. And by everyone I mean me, as in I got hit first, so I have been on forced part time for awhile and forced to beg and accept any work from other offices I can get. This has resulted in weeks where I have barely anything to do, to weeks where I am completely overwhelmed because I can’t afford to say no to the three managers who all have work for me, that’s due right away. So I’ve been a bit frazzled. This week was no different with Monday and Tuesday being nutty. But I finally came up to breathe after getting out several deliverables Thursday and managed to make it a productive training week.

Monday- Rest

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – Key Run 1 was a simple track workout. 10-20 minute warm up, 8*400 with 1:30 rest and a bonus 2:30 rest after the first set of four. 10 minute cool down. I’ve adjusted my targets for these based on last weeks half marathon and my quarters should be around 95-96. Wednesday morning was hot and I was not feeling perky, the first few reps showed it but I did manage to hit the target for the majority of the repeats: 102, 99, 98, 96, 96, 96, 95, 91 with the 2 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down I got in 6 total for the workout.

Thursday – Another nutty work day but finally shut things down and got out on the single speed bike while my husband flew planes with his buddies. 20 moderately hard miles in Amish Country.

Friday – The dreaded tempo day. Slower target pace today but longer. Target 8 miles at 7:49 pace. I tried my best not to go out too fast like I have been for these, but settled in faster than desired. I paid for it the last two miles, it was hot and I was struggling, but still much better than the last few tempos. 7:32, 7:35, 7:32, 7:31, 7:20, 7:31, 7:44, 7:37. Trying really hard not to recall how in the not so distant past this would have been an easy run.

Fun group of Cleveland West Siders ready to Rock and Roll Yoga Style Friday night
Fun group of Cleveland West Siders ready to Rock and Roll Yoga Style Friday night

Friday night there was a big yoga event in Cleveland so I joined a few friends and 2,000+ other Clevelanders in an outdoor yoga session at the Rock and Roll Hall of fame. Also rode the single speed there and back for almost 30 commuter miles.

Saturday – Helped to cut invasive species at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park for 2 hours. Super hot and muggy! Followed that up with a solo 21 mile road ride. I did not remember the route being so hilly and I got more than I bargained for out of the workout.

Sunday – Key run 3 this week was supposed to be 12 miles at target marathon pace plus 20 seconds per mile, but since we are training for a trail race I bagged the target pace plans and headed to the trails to get in some hills. And boy did I get them. Had a nice run with one of my teammates but my glutes are feeling it today. Around 1,200 feet of elevation gained over 12 miles at 10:20-ish pace. It was so humid, we were dripping wet by the end, and not from the stream crossing we had to make that was about knee deep! I felt good on the run and this was the first long run of the training program where I felt like I could/would want to keep going.

Followed the run up with just shy of 10 miles on the mountain bike with some other teammates. My legs were shot so I just did my best to keep up and not crash on this one. There was no hammering and I was glad to be done at the end.

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