Pepper’s Training Log 4/7/13

First ride for a new local Women's Cycling Group!
First ride for a new local Women’s Cycling Group!

Yep, still being a bit of a slacker here. I need to pick a goal race or I am doomed to be a weekend warrior. My left calf has been a bit angry since last Sundays long run, and it has me a bit worried, but I am hoping I am just being overly paranoid and that it will loosen up with some TLC. This week I didn’t make it to the gym at all and the workouts were mostly of the endurance/aerobic nature. But I did get in a few good efforts on the bike thanks to a group ride Friday, and a hilly ride with the boyfriend Sunday. Only one run this week (hiding head under covers).



Wednesday-Commute to and from work = 25 miles. Felt pretty tired on the commute home.


Friday-18 mile ride with 7 other ladies

Saturday-8 trail miles with Salty!

Sunday-40 mile bike with 4 monster climbs (Cat 4)

A gal on a mission to save Cuyahoga County streams one storm water facility at a time. An ex runner of many facets including marathons, pacing, ultras and more. Chronic left side issues have me cycling more than running these days but I'm attempting to get back to my running roots.

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  1. One run, but it was a good one! One of my favorite runs of the week. I liked it so much I ran to the park and pretty much did the same run again and this time it felt way harder. A testament to good company :) Hope that calf starts behaving!