Pepper’s Training Log 3/31/14

Another week of meeting my goal of 30 minutes of exercise most days, and even ran twice this week. Though the planned weekend outdoor riding got thwarted by mother natures random snow storm I did manage to get myself to Ray’s for some indoor riding, and I have plenty shiny new bruises to prove it.

Monday – Commute to work 13.5 miles

Tuesday – Lunch run 6.5 miles, slow pace but effort pretty high

Wednesday – A few hours at Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park focusing on improving my skinny riding skills mostly (In other words learning how to ride in a straight line, you know, very tricky stuff!)

Thursday – Rest

Friday – 50 minute run around the hood

Saturday – A few hours at Ray’s mostly just aerobic riding of the cross country course

Sunday – A few hours at Ray’s improving pump track skills, cornering, and a bit of aerobic riding. Did my first official jump on the sport track and didn’t biff.


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A gal on a mission to save Cuyahoga County streams one storm water facility at a time. An ex runner of many facets including marathons, pacing, ultras and more. Chronic left side issues have me cycling more than running these days but I'm attempting to get back to my running roots.

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