Peppadew’s training log: 12/01/2014

A month that starts on a Monday just feels like a great fresh new start! As mentioned in my last training log I entered both the Two Oceans Ultra and the Comrades Marathon ultra and my training for those two officially started on the 1st of December. I have yet to start setting out my training plan but I am getting the runs in.  I had planned to get a training programme from Ian Sharman (coach at Sharman Ultra Endurance Coaching) from the beginning of December for the Two Oceans and Comrades.  He is an amazing coach and thoroughly understanding and cool guy who knows a huge amount about ultrarunning and those two races in particular.  He also coaches the current Comrades ladies champ and World 100 km champ Ellie Greenwood and she is a coach in his stable as well. Unluckily (or luckily) for me, we have just bought a house which means that for the next few months we need to buckle down on the spending and if that means I have to use an old running programme for a few months then that is what I will have to do. Hopefully I will be able to start up with Ian soon though because he really knows his stuff.

MONDAY 12/01/2014: 6.25 miles (52:16) Easy run around the neighborhood.  I stopped off at the bowling green to watch my daughter receive her Busyballers medal. She was so proud. Heart melting stuff. The run itself was fairly uneventful except it was hot and that made me tired.

TUESDAY 12/02/2014: 6.375 miles (51:04) Regents group run with my friend Sarah. She was feeling horrible with sinus pain and a cough but boy, did she put me through my paces! We ran sub 8 minute miles for 95% of the run whilst chatting which is fast for me.  It was also another hilly course and I was feeling the burn.  Towards the end of the run we picked up another lady that we both know and have recruited her to our running group… she is speedy and nice so it is a happy addition!

WEDNESDAY 12/03/2014: 7 miles (watch has lost the data?! ) I had a client lunch at a fancy restaurant in my neighborhood which started at 2 pm. As I was tucking into my seared tuna and later as I licked my chocolate brownie covered spoon, I knew that I would pay for this decadence on the club run I had planned for that evening. The short version of the story is I DID. Lesson learned. At mile 6 my stomach embarked on a complete revolt and I ended up heaving on the side of the road.  Luckily all “the boys” we had been running with were WAY up ahead and my two stellar mates waited for me 100 yards up the road. I was in a flat panic that I would not get home before everything came out but I made it. After a shower and some tea I curled up in bed.

THURSDAY 12/04/2014: Clearly not having learnt my lesson YUM!

That burger is what I ate instead of going for a run! I think it just may have been worth it!

FRIDAY 12/05/2014: 6.25 miles (51:33) The alarm clock was ignored after a late night out with friends and burger munching! After a mad rush of a day I decided to lace up the shoes and went for a easy run on the same route as Monday.

SATURDAY 12/06/2014: 15.4 miles (2:11:42) A 4 a.m. wake up call was made slightly easier by Greg getting up with me. He joined our OCDC group for the first 25 minutes of the run which kept us girls in check. I am hoping that this is a sign that he will be running more with our group.  I added an extra two miles to the end of our usual Saturday run so that I could meet him at the river where he was paddling (he is training for a river canoe ultra marathon called the Dusi Ultra). The run with the girls was solid and enjoyable. I managed to run up all of the hills which was a major victory. The pace was a fraction slower than two weeks ago but it was probably more consistent with a slower start. Eating a hot cross bun before I ran definitely helped.

SUNDAY 12/07/2014: Unplanned rest day. I had actually planned to “race” another 15 km but my daughter was vomiting all of Saturday and Greg was away at a bull’s party so mummy duty trumped all. I was more relieved than I should have been.

TOTAL MILES:  41 miles

All in all a satisfactory week. About 10 miles off where I wanted to be but I will get there eventually. My sick little girl needed her mum and I was happy to stay in bed. Before I know it I will not be as necessary so I will enjoy it while it lasts.

An ultrarunning gal from sunny South Africa... I'm a mummy of two kiddos under 5, wife, runner (and attorney) from the balmy shores of South Africa. Although I am definitely a mid-packer I have the soul and aspirations of an elite athlete, sadly without the pedigreed legs! But every day I dream and work towards loftier goals... maybe a sub 20 5k to start?

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