Parsley’s Training Log – 3.25.2017

Despite the last few weeks in my house being a nightly rendition of Samuel L. Jackson’s Go the F**k to sleep, I’ve actually felt pretty good about running. Maybe it’s the nice weather, or the little bit of caffeine I added back into my life, but something is working, and I enjoy running again after a few rough weeks.

If my husband were here, I’d start actual training. I miss doing real workouts, and am dreaming about the kind of hard sessions that leave me exhausted (rather than the kids not sleeping kind of exhausted).

My training goals for now are (loose term as I consider this all base work for when I can really start training): try to hit around 50 mpw, at least one strength/drills session a week (that includes hard strides), one longer run a week (anything over an hour).

3/12-3/18: 44 miles. My goal is to be closer to 50 mpw, but it was cold this week so I was limited on how much I could run outside. Highlights did include a longer run (first since running the HHI marathon) as well as the first time I’ve dipped under 6 minute pace on my new treadmill.

3/12: 6 extremely interrupted miles on the treadmill at 7:30 pace. Kids would just not cooperate and let me run, so it took a really long time to get 6 miles in, but made it.

3/13: 8 miles on the treadmill at 7:30 pace

3/14: 60 mins w/ single stroller

3/15: 31 mins w/ triple

3/16: 1:15 w/ single stroller

3/17: 50 mins w/ triple

3/18: 2 miles treadmill starting at 6:58 pace, ending with 5:57

3/19-3/25: 54 miles. Felt good getting in some solid mileage this week, another longer run, as well as my drills/strides/strength workout.

3/19: 61 mins w/ triple

3/20: 61 mins w/ triple to/from park where I did about 30 minutes of drills, strides, and strength work.

3/21: 1:16 w/ single

3/22: 2 miles on treadmill at 6:40 pace in the am; 30 mins w/ the triple in the evening. This was a big deal for me because it was an extremely busy day, and normally I would just take the treadmill sprint as my run since my energy is gone by the end of the day. But it was so nice out when we got home, I gave the kids their dinner to eat in the stroller so we could all get some fresh air and I could get another run in.

3/23: 61 mins w/ single and my friend Bridget. Great running with her, she’s a talker and the time flies by!

3/24: 61 mins w/ triple

3/25: 46 mins w/ triple; 100 reps each of dips, pushups, forward lunges, backward lunges

Gross pollen season, what happens in one day if I don’t park in the garage. Also makes running somewhat unpleasant breathing it all in.

Army veteran, now Army wife with 3 daughters (aka: single married mom). I have fun trying to sprint, enjoy long runs in the mountains, and everything in between. 3 x marathon OTQ, will eventually start training again to try to make it 4. I write about trying to stay competitive while raising young kids.

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