Parsley’s Training Log – 3.12.16

I’m trying to get back into a “typical” training week after the Trials, but it’s been hard.  Physically, I’m fully recovered.  I think I ran so slowly compared to what my fitness was, I didn’t feel like I had even run a marathon.  Which is somewhat sad… I even went for a  light jog the following morning.  Mentally, I’m still somewhat struggling. It was so disappointing to train that much for something, and then for it to totally be a bust.  And I need something on the training calendar for motivation.  So right now I’m just hanging out around 50 mpw, and I should probably head back to my track workout group soon and figure out something with my coach.

Sunday: ran a 10K hoping it would motivate me to get back into racing.  Unfortunately, I paced it/ran it like I should have been running a marathon, haha.  But it wasn’t supposed to be a hard effort anyway.  I did have fun seeing running friends and being in a fun race environment!  3 mile w/u, 38 min 10k, 1 mile w/d to get my free post-race milkshake!

Monday: 6 miles stop and go w/ my kids (park hopping)

Tuesday: 6 miles w/ my kids

Wednesday: 10 miles total, run to/from our Wednesday morning playgroup

Thursday: 8 miles stop and go w/ my kids (park hopping)

Friday: 6 miles Mount Vernon Trail w/ my kids, post Sugar Shack donut which may have not been the best pre-run choice

Saturday: 6 miles (by myself!)

I have fun trying to sprint, enjoy long runs in the mountains, and everything in between. Former competitive runner (3 x marathon OTQ & trail marathon national champion) currently working through a lingering injury. I write about trying to stay competitive while raising young kids and moving into a new post-competitive stage.

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  1. Maintaining the miles will be so good thought when you get that mojo back because it won’t take long to return to form. Getting the mojo back is hard and can take time, and I’ve never even dealt with it after such a race like the OT marathon….but it will come and it will make that much better when it does. Welcome to Salty again, and nice week of running!