Hot and Salty – Running in the Heat!

Coconut Weather Station - Hawaiian Humor

If the coconut is sad and dripping wet, it just finished running.  (Photo credit: IronRodArt)

Living in a place of perpetual summer, you’d think it would be easy to adjust to running in slightly hotter weather…but it’s not.  I’m not complaining mind you, but when you acclimate to Hawaii weather, any change, warmer or cooler, seems drastic.  So after turning down the air conditioning  I’ve come up with a short-but-sweet plan to beat the heat over the next few months. Read more

It’s Okay to Stop Running During Pregnancy

English: pregnancy at 8th month

Sometimes all you want to do is lie in bed. And that’s okay! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The great thing about being a woman in distance running today is that the stigma is gone. Not only are we allowed to participated in events of all distances, it’s becoming more and more acceptable to do so during that magical time called pregnancy. Thanks in part to a number of elite runners who ran while gestating, experts espousing the benefits of continuing to run during pregnancy and sites like this here Salty Running, taking your baby bump out for a jog is now both socially and medically acceptable in most cases.

That said, what if you’re struggling with continuing to run during pregnancy?  Or what if you just want to take the 9 months off from running? Is there something in the runner code that says we have to continue running during our pregnancies?

The answer is no, of course not. Absolutely no one is going to argue with you if you decide to take it easy. That said, if you need a bit of help convincing yourself, here’s a few reasons why rest might be best. Read more

Battle of the Spouses

running love

This pretty much sums it up. Photo credit: Runner’s World Online

Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the Thief of Joy,” and that seems particularly applicable when it comes to comparing my running with my husband’s. Every time we register for a race, Mr. Comparison sneaks in my window and helps himself to my stash of joy.

I started running almost 10 years before my husband had ever even laced up a pair of running shoes. During our first year of dating he’d ride his bike to the local races and cheer me on, even following me along the course during my first marathon. The next year he decided to try running himself. I remember having to run backwards at times so he could keep up, and the first 5k we ran together was my slowest finish time ever. Later that same year we ran the famous Bolder Boulder 10k, and although he finished behind me, it wasn’t quite as far behind as I thought it would be. I’m pretty sure this is when Mr. Comparison started getting interested in thievery. Read more

Comment of the week – 7.12.2014

The winner is a first-time commenter this week!  Is it you?

The winner is a first-time commenter this week! Is it you?

It was a close one this week. And by close one, I mean that until 6 am this morning I wasn’t even sure I’d get a Comment of the Week post done! But, as I promised weeks ago (okay, maybe just two weeks ago), I (Cilantro) and Comment of the Week, are back. I keep my promises.

As y’all are enjoying your pre-run coffee (or maybe you are already done?), we are excited to announce this weeks winner is a first-time commenter! Who takes home the Salty prize? Read more

5 Things That Are Harder for Runners to Do in the Summer

fri5sweatyYeah, it’s the summer! No more complaining about each run producing a load of laundry! We forgot about Yaktrax! It’s the time of year when all we really need is to cover our naughty bits, throw on a pair of shoes and go. Even though we don’t have to track down a safe ice-free route or find some other idiot willing to brave sub-zero wind chills to keep us company on our long runs, summer runs come with their own baggage.

Yep, some things are harder to do in the summer. Like these 5 things! Read more

Goal-Setting Alternatives to Time- and Mileage-focused Objectives

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With my marathon goal time, the Runner’s Ally app gives me goal paces and equivalent race times for other distances.

On Tuesday, Lemongrass discussed SMART goal making, and this got me thinking about goals. Chances are that if you are a runner, you, like me, have some specific goal numbers in your mind. I’d bet serious money than many of those numbers end in :59  or are a nice round integer like 30, 45,  or (gasp) 100 for the week. There’s always that one special number with that cruel .2 dangling off the back.

I definitely fall in this category. If you wake me up in the middle of the night, I can probably tell you how many miles I’ve already run this week and how many to go to reach my weekly goal. I can rattle off per-mile paces for my goal 5k, half, and marathon times without hesitation. Yep,  I’m intense.

However, having spent much of the last year pregnant and now working my way back to fitness postpartum, I’ve opened my mind to setting other types of goals. Even in a sport focused on numbers, focusing on other objectives is important, too. Read more

Ginkgo’s Baby Story

“I know there is a lot of stigma and really, the word is ignorance, behind pregnant women and exercising […] and the truth is, it’s good for the mom and the baby.”

-Alysia Montano, after running an 800-meter at the USATF championships in Sacramento at 34 weeks pregnant.

Alysia Montano, an American middle-distance runner and five-time USA Outdoor Champion who has conquered the 800 meter distance in a sizzling 1:57.34 and competed in the 2012 Olympics,  didn’t listen to critics or let stigmas keep her from toeing the track start line while 34 weeks pregnant for the U.S. Championships last Thursday. Instead, she listened to her midwife who encouraged her to race.

34 weeks pregnant, Montano was determined to race.

34 weeks pregnant, Montano was determined to race.

She also listened to herself. She ran through her entire pregnancy and felt really, really good throughout the whole process of, ya know, growing another human being.

Having just given birth to my own son on Sunday, June 22nd, Alysia’s story stirred a lot of emotion for me and directly related to some feedback (wanted or not) that I received for continuing to run (albeit very low mileage) up until the day that I went into labor. Some supported me, others did not. But, most importantly, I learned only to listen to my own body and my doctor. Read more

The Smart Runner Girl’s Guide to SMART Goals

Austrian Forward Rubin Okotie tries to score o...

Time for a GOOOOOOAAALLL! (img via wikipedia)

All of the World Cup craziness lately has me thinking about goals. In soccer, it’s easy to see whether or not you’ve achieved your goal: your team wins, the crowd goes crazy (or in the case of the U.S. your team loses to Germany and the crowd still goes crazy), and the commentators infamously scream, “GOOAAAAL!”

But how can runners achieve that same sense of pride if we don’t win the race? Is my goal of “running a marathon” good enough to push me through five months of training and cross the finish line with a sense of complete fulfillment, or should I dig a little deeper to reap an even better reward?

It all comes down to goals; specifically, SMART goals. What does that mean? Read on! Read more