The Run Less Run Faster Experiment – Week 1

Tonkotsu (Pork Broth) Ramen Noodles

Mmmm…Ramen Noodles. Just don’t forget the water! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I grew up on Spaghetti-Os and Doritos. Occasionally, my mom, sister, and I would delight in a home cooked meal by Grandma but canned goods and snacks were the staple of our working single parent household. As I got older and began running, I upgraded to pre-washed bags of iceburg lettuce and cooked noodles out of the box instead of the can.

Without a solid foundation in cooking, I grew up to be a timid adult in the kitchen. I longed to cook delicious recipes I’d seen in all of the magazines but I lacked the courage. Maybe my insecurity stemmed from the time I tried cooking Ramen Noodles in the microwave and forgot to fill the cup with water. Maybe this why they no longer recommend microwaving the Styrofoam cups and not because of its cancer-causing substances. Nonetheless, I waited decades to try and take my time with a recipe, to just follow the directions as they were given.

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Navigating the No-Man’s Land of Marathon Training

It's not easy to get into a summer solstice mindset when your running trail is still an ice rink.

It’s not easy to get into a summer solstice mindset when your running trail is still an ice rink.

When the excitement of starting a new plan wears off just as your mileage creeps steadily up, when your goal race is still too far away to feel real but your tired legs are begging for a reason to skip that tempo run–beware! You may have entered the no-man’s land of marathon training. And your motivation could be in serious danger (if it hasn’t already been snuffed out entirely). Ask me how I know….

My race day is still at least a season away as I train through ice and sub-30 temps for a summer solstice marathon. And with 11 weeks to go in an 18 week plan, the competitive fire in my belly has been replaced by a nagging desire to eat peanut-butter ice cream every night.

How do we stay motivated in these long, tough weeks of training? How do we remain mentally engaged enough to push hard when legs and lungs are far from interested in cooperating? Read more

The CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND – The Greatest Women’s Running Blog!

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We’ve made it! From 32 fantastic blogs down to the most exceptional final two, it’s been a great ride! But now it’s time to pick the very best of the very best. Which blog rises to the tippy top:  Nichole’s Running Journey, the personal story of Nichole’s rise to an Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier and beyond or Miss Zippy, Amanda’s reader-centric exploration of the deeper side of running? YOU decide!  Voting after the jump!
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Comment of the Week 4.5.14

COTW-badge2It’s been an exciting week here at Salty Running!  We reported two impressive PRs: Eucalyptus killed it in the 10K last weekend, and Coriander logged a 32 minute PR in the 50K, also picking up top honors as the first female finisher in the female open division.  Our Greatest Women’s Running Blog Tournament continued to build momentum, opening up conversations between the best female runner-bloggers around and attracting a huge number of new readers to our site.  Speaking of our readers, let’s turn to this week’s Comment of the Week!

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Spring Cleaning for Runners: What to Do with Those Excessive Shirts, Medals, and Gels


Finally! Spring is here! (Photo credit: promanex)

Maybe it’s the warm weather teasers or the fact that I’m starting the nesting phase of pregnancy,  but I’ve been hit with spring cleaning fever. We’ve been purging out our spare bedroom to make it nursery ready and slowly reogranizing the garage to make more space. It feels SO good to just get RID of excess. I got to thinking about the excess running swag that is disorganized and sporadically placed around our 1,000 square foot townhome, and I realized that something has to be done!

So today the infamously disorganized Ginkgo is going to give advice about spring cleaning for your running stuff. Read more

All The Small Things to Strengthen Your Runner Butt

Sir Mix-a-Lot in December 2006

Sir Mix-a-Lot knows what’s important. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Channel your inner Blink 182 and sing with me…

All the small things

Less injury, they bring

Doing clam shells by the stairs

And bridges lets you know I care

Ok, so music isn’t my strength, but I do know a thing or two about the small things we can do to help us become more injury-resistant runners. According to experts like Jay Dicharry, author of Anatomy for Runners, and Jason Fitzgerald of, some of the most basic, easy to perform exercises offer major injury prevention benefits.

The core gets a lot of attention these days in the running world; most runners have added various forms of planks to their training routines. What some runners might not realize, however, is that the core also includes the hips and glutes. Lack of hip strength has been shown to play a part in various running injuries, and like Dr. Jordan Metzl (Runner’s World) says, “A strong butt=a happy life.”

While there are numerous exercises that target the hips and glutes, the following 3 zero in on some of the most important stabilizing muscles. Read more

The Run Less Run Faster Experiment

Blue question mark

Is lower mileage training actually the key to success? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back in September, Running Times ran a great piece on maximizing your training time to still get results and even PRs. They shared profiles of other runners who train on low mileage plans and have had success. I was intrigued by the article but at the time, I still held on to the belief that in order to run any decent times, one must be running at least 30 miles a week.

Enter life then: Take a day off and feel fat. Can’t eat my pieces of dark chocolate either.

Enter life now: Eh, it’s alright to take a day off. Maybe two. Live a little! And here, have some chocolate.

Riding my new found easy-going train, I came up with the idea of experimenting with Runner’s World’s infamous Smart Coach Training Plan System. It’s gotten a lot of flack (myself included!) for misleading runners to thinking that the train less, run faster theory actually works over the tried and true high-mileage theory. Since I’m already running low mileage and looking for something new with my training, I thought I would give it a try. Read more

Coriander’s Green Jewel 50K Race Report

Ready for my first ultra of the year!

Ready for my first ultra of the year!

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to accomplish in 2014. I had such an amazing year last year, how could I possibly top it?

I set a few competitive (and maybe a little aggressive) goals for the 50K, 100 mile and 100K distances and got very selective in which races I picked. I wanted to start the season with the Green Jewel 50K, in which I ran a 5:17 last year. This race was a bit of a gamble for accomplishing my sub-5:00 50K goal. It’s a road race, so I wouldn’t have to deal with technical trails and a ton of hills, but early March in Cleveland means it could be snowing and 20 degrees (like last year) or 60 and sunny. Even though I’d rather run a sub-5:00 50K on the trail, I was so happy my coach and I picked a road race early in the season to go for after this tough winter, since I didn’t spend much time at all on the soggy, slushy trails. Read more