Going Stag: Do You Race Alone?

Running Shoes

Our running shoes always have a date, but do we need one to hit up a race? (Photo credit: jdn)

I had a conversation with Cinnamon recently about racing alone. She mentioned that, being single, she looks around at the end of races to folks reuniting with their cheering squads after the finish line and feels a little bit left out, like everyone has someone there except for her. I know she’s not alone in feeling that way and she’s also not alone in racing on her own.

Loyal Salty followers, let me assure you – if you cross the finish line with no one cheering for you except Pat Benatar in your headphones, if you go through the chute and pick up your oranges, bagels, bananas and beer with no one to share them with, if you visit the schwag tents by yourself and slip free Kind bars into your pockets for later, and then get into your car to drive yourself home … you are not alone! Even the great Salty races by herself. Read more

Comment of the Week – 4.12.14

COTW-badge2Another week bites the dust! Things got back to normal here at Salty Running this week after Monday’s championship round of the Greatest Women’s Blog Tournament. Not only were our spicy collection of bloggers racking up those miles, they were bringing you some great posts! And you know, they weren’t they only ones bringing it. Every week our commenters add a little something something to the site with their experiences and insights. This week was no different – find out who won Comment of the Week after the jump!
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5 Ways Running is RUINING YOUR LIFE!!!

TV_5Ahh, infotainment!  I’ve always detested “human interest” pieces in the news; they’re so often transparent ploys to manipulate the audience into associating the news organization with emotional high ground, and they wind up blurring the lines between real, factual news and gelatinous informational flatulence.

I hold infotainment responsible for convincing non-runners that we are ruining our lives by pursuing a hobby that keeps us happy and fit, a position that’s conveniently easy to accept by the millions of couch potatoes who are watching TV news while we runners are out logging miles.  And they just love sending us those links, right?  Because they’re “worried about you,” or “concerned that you’re running too much.”


And so I bring you 5 ways running is ruining our lives.  Let’s go down in flames together, baby! Read more

The Running Partner Break-Up

Sometimes it doesn't matter if it's you or if it's him.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter if it’s you or if it’s him.

Life is full of ups and downs, but I did not see this one coming. Or maybe I ignored the signs. I have heard that there are always signs…I guess I didn’t pay close enough attention? I didn’t think I had to; I mean, we were just running together. He wasn’t my lover, he was my running partner.

I asked him if we would still run together when he got a steady girlfriend. He looked at me funny and said of course.

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Sucking Wind: Running at Altitude

Check out the view from my hotel!

A few weeks ago it was February vacation week here in the Northeast, which for my family meant our third annual trip to the Canyons Ski Resort in Park City, Utah.  I did some running while we were there and marveled as I always do at how challenging even a 30-minute easy run seemed at 6,800 feet elevation.  On our second day there, returning from a run winded, sweaty and beat, I was teased by the bellmen hanging out in front of our hotel.  ”Tough run?” one asked me.  When I agreed, he reassured me, “Don’t worry, you’ll be able to go home and run marathons after a few days up here!”

But was that really true?  Was I really getting any training benefit from the six days we spent in Park City, a mile and a quarter up in the sky? Read more

The Run Less Run Faster Experiment – Week 1

Tonkotsu (Pork Broth) Ramen Noodles

Mmmm…Ramen Noodles. Just don’t forget the water! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I grew up on Spaghetti-Os and Doritos. Occasionally, my mom, sister, and I would delight in a home cooked meal by Grandma but canned goods and snacks were the staple of our working single parent household. As I got older and began running, I upgraded to pre-washed bags of iceburg lettuce and cooked noodles out of the box instead of the can.

Without a solid foundation in cooking, I grew up to be a timid adult in the kitchen. I longed to cook delicious recipes I’d seen in all of the magazines but I lacked the courage. Maybe my insecurity stemmed from the time I tried cooking Ramen Noodles in the microwave and forgot to fill the cup with water. Maybe this why they no longer recommend microwaving the Styrofoam cups and not because of its cancer-causing substances. Nonetheless, I waited decades to try and take my time with a recipe, to just follow the directions as they were given.

What does this have to do with my run less/run faster experiment? Read more

Navigating the No-Man’s Land of Marathon Training

It's not easy to get into a summer solstice mindset when your running trail is still an ice rink.

It’s not easy to get into a summer solstice mindset when your running trail is still an ice rink.

When the excitement of starting a new plan wears off just as your mileage creeps steadily up, when your goal race is still too far away to feel real but your tired legs are begging for a reason to skip that tempo run–beware! You may have entered the no-man’s land of marathon training. And your motivation could be in serious danger (if it hasn’t already been snuffed out entirely). Ask me how I know….

My race day is still at least a season away as I train through ice and sub-30 temps for a summer solstice marathon. And with 11 weeks to go in an 18 week plan, the competitive fire in my belly has been replaced by a nagging desire to eat peanut-butter ice cream every night.

How do we stay motivated in these long, tough weeks of training? How do we remain mentally engaged enough to push hard when legs and lungs are far from interested in cooperating? Read more

The CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND – The Greatest Women’s Running Blog!

Voting is closed!

*****Don’t know what this is? Check out the main tournament post HERE.*****


We’ve made it! From 32 fantastic blogs down to the most exceptional final two, it’s been a great ride! But now it’s time to pick the very best of the very best. Which blog rises to the tippy top:  Nichole’s Running Journey, the personal story of Nichole’s rise to an Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier and beyond or Miss Zippy, Amanda’s reader-centric exploration of the deeper side of running? YOU decide!  Voting after the jump!
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Comment of the Week 4.5.14

COTW-badge2It’s been an exciting week here at Salty Running!  We reported two impressive PRs: Eucalyptus killed it in the 10K last weekend, and Coriander logged a 32 minute PR in the 50K, also picking up top honors as the first female finisher in the female open division.  Our Greatest Women’s Running Blog Tournament continued to build momentum, opening up conversations between the best female runner-bloggers around and attracting a huge number of new readers to our site.  Speaking of our readers, let’s turn to this week’s Comment of the Week!

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