Oregano’s Training Log – Non-specific Date

Well. . .no excuses here. So instead of a play by play this is going to be more of a running-related highlight reel (skipping exciting non-running activities such as getting kittens (who I am apparently allergic to), getting a new roof, playing at the Pickathon music festival, screening in my front porch and turning 30).

Running Event #1: Ice Cream Run 2015. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before. Every summer my running buddies and I run from work, 9-10 very social miles to Salt and Straw ice cream on NW 23rd where we partake in this delicious frozen delicacy. I highly recommend instating this tradition. It is definitely a highlight of the summer.

Running Event #2: Hood to Coast 2015. This was my seventh hood to coast*, my third running on the same all-women’s team. I ran leg 10 this year (I’ve run a different leg every year. So far I’ve done 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10 & 11), and the weather was abnormally. . .challenging, but also crazy and exciting. It started out super humid and by the time we go to the coast there were 60mph winds with trees and porto-potties blowing all over the place. Overall, pretty epic. We won our division and came in 3rd overall for women’s teams. I didn’t run as well as I would have liked (I’m not really in shape for fast things right now. . .), but it was still a good experience. If you haven’t done an overnight relay, do it.

*If you’re not familiar, Hood to Coast is a 198 mile relay race from Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood to Seaside on the Oregon Coast, teams consist of 12 runners who run 3 legs each.

Running Event #3: Herman Creek Trail. The most recent adventure was a 27+ mile trail with 6,000+ feet of elevation gain in the Columbia River Gorge. It was unfortunately cold, cloudy and windy so we didn’t get to see the spectacular views that WERE OUT THERE SOMEWHERE, but we still had a great time. Also, trail food of choice was rice balls made with coconut milk and salt. They were perfect long distance running food. I love that I have so many friends who are up for things like this!

So, overall, the summer has been great and I am READY for Fall!

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