Oregano’s Training Log – 7.3.2016

Olympic Trials - Women's 10K!
Olympic Trials – Women’s 10K!

This was not the best week of training. Last week was supposed to be a recovery week, buuuuut it didn’t turn out that way. So  I entered this week tired. Fortunately, I’m at the very end of my training cycle/entering my taper so I don’t think it REALLY matters (deep breaths). Additionally I am starting to feel overwhelmed by summer. There are so many things I want to do and only so much time in which to do them…but I still seem to say yes to all of them even when there is not time. Sigh. So for now, I am trying to just appreciate where I am and what I’m doing and not get caught up in thinking about the next few weeks!

Monday 6/27: After a not-easy 16 miles on Sunday, my workout of 8 x 5 minutes was less than awesome. I was definitely feeling tired and it was hot and humid which didn’t help. I started on the gravelly trail near work and ran the first one (5:00 took me to 1200), then took a bathroom break and ran three more with the correct amount of rest. At that point I was tired of sliding all over the gravel and the top of my left foot was hurting from scooting around in my shoe, so I decided to head to the track. I ran one more on the trail, re-laced my shoe, ran another one on the way to the track/at the track, took a break to get a drink of water, splash water on myself and tighten my shoe and be kind of grumpy, and then ran the last two on the track. I met some friends for the cool-down. I don’t feel great about my pace or the fact that I took more rest than I was supposed to, but I am glad that at least I finished all 8. Run: 8 x 5 minutes, 11.5 miles

Tuesday 6/28: I was definitely feeling tired from Monday, so I did core/strength + 55 minute pool run, and then had my first rehearsal in a long time! Summers are for music! And running! AND EVERYTHING ELSE!

Wednesday 6/29: I warmed up with my friends and did the first mile of their workout with them (we were in the middle of a conversation – I couldn’t just leave!) and then slowed down to finish my easy day. Run: 5 miles


Thursday 6/30: The last pseudo-workout! It felt….fine. Run: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 w/half time recovery + 3 x 30 seconds – 8 miles

Friday 7/1: Rest Day! Plus……some work, cat sitting, a bike ride, tea and catch-up with a friend, game night, etc.

Saturday 7/2: I got tickets to the Olympic Trials for this day! I got up and did my short run at 5am (it felt terrible due to it being 5am and 85% humidity), showered, noticed my cat ate the shoelaces out of two shoes, tried to induce vomiting, stupid cat wouldn’t puke, prayed for and left cat, drove to Eugene (2+ hrs), walked 1.5 miles to Hayward, WATCHED THE AMAZING OLYMPIC TRIALS (most notably including the Women’s 10k – I am SO happy for the team headed to Rio!), walked back to the car, drove home, cat sat, checked on my cat (still seems fine, but the shoelaces are still inside of him) and sweet sleep. Run: 6 miles

Sunday 7/3: Met a friend for an early run before church. It is now becoming a regular thing for me to go to church sweaty and gross clutching a package of fruit snacks and a water bottle. Then I had to leave church early to play a gig on the Portland Waterfront (Portland Blues Fest) so that was fun. And now I’m home, staring at my cat and hoping that the shoe laces come out without any drama. Run: 8.2 miles (trail – 802 ft elevation gain)

Total Mileage: 38.7 miles

Summary: Less than a week until the race!



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  1. Nice week of running, home stretch! SO jealous you were there for the 10k! I was on my way to our cabin for the weekend and streaming the race in the car, Molly and Emily are 2 of my favorite pro women athletes so I was so excited to see them on the team (not that it surprised me that either made it!)